Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Levin on Beck

I have read Beck and I have read Levin. In the solitude of the study they both make compelling points for the conservative cause.  I have listened to Beck and I have listened to Levin. Early on they both caught my attention, and they both were as compelling in audio as in print.

But something happened. Beck, perhaps due to his shooting star, or perhaps because of his belief in his own star personality became the showman. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against showmanship. It can be very effective in the proper setting, and in the proper venue.

However, when presenting the case for a political cause, movement, or philosophy , it seams a lot more effective, at least to this interested party to show and maintain  sincerity. It simply lends more credibility to the argument. Playing the part of the showman (or clown) just... well, I suppose give the feeling of being at a show... or circus.

View here Mark Levin's audio on Beck's antics of late.

On this I must agree with Levin. What do you think?

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  1. I couldn't agree more with Levin. I have been commenting periodically here and there on this very thing for a month or more: Glenn's personality rubs me the wrong way. His mannerisms, his hokey schtick is just over the top to come off as a serious analyst of the times, even though I tend to agree with his basic philosphy nearly 98% of the time.

    Additionally, Levin's third point is dead on accurate: Glenn Beck has virtually appointed himself as the Pope of Conservatism, and excommunicates all of those who are not 100% pure, such as Scott Brown (R-Ma). I have suggested that when I point this out on conservative sites, I seem to be committing heresy to contradict the rising star of Glenn The Pious.

    This spot of Mark Levin has nailed what quite a few of us can't quite put our finger on about Beck, but he has done a great job here.

  2. I don't care too much for either Beck or Levin. Both are showmen. Beck's act as conservative ringleader is bad, but Levin is a petty name-caller masquerading as an intellectual.

  3. From an entertainment andf ratings point, exuberance and name calling works for both sides. I've been blogging since 2006. The posts I got the most activity on were always the ones that were just loud rants and baiting of right wingers. The only one that was a big hit producer comparable to a feud or baiting post was the first one I did advocating single payer health care at my old site.

    Have to give them what they want. You've done it also RN. I kind of enjoy them to be frank.

  4. RN: Maybe I’m different in that I realize and accept Beck as an “entertainer” and I expect him to act the way he does; I’d be disappointed if he didn’t—he lightens it up and makes me laugh while providing me with information, although I do check his facts as I do with anyone on television and radio. Beck has made no bones about being an “entertainer” as he started out as a “DJ”. That’s his shtick. He’s not a Levin and I don’t think he wants to be one. In short, Beck is who he is and does what he feels is best for him and if it works, great, if not, then I guess he’ll have to reconsider and possibly change.

  5. Fredd - Agreed. I was a loyal fan of Beck (early on), I have since cooled to him.

    Carl - They both have made many valid points and addressed concerns I believe many share. I agree with you that neither are the ideal, nor have the gravitas of a movement leader.

    Truth - You may be right. Sorry if I baited it surely was not my intent, like some I know. But it is undoubtedly a sure way to increase traffic and comment threads.

    Pamela - Well... he certainly is an entertainer. And I find myself of late, on the rare occasion I watch him anymore, laughing at him rather than with him.

    His legitimate points get lost as it seems his "act" is his focal point at this point in his media career.


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