Tuesday, February 23, 2010

John McCain - Part Of The GOP's Problem

The GOP has been suffering from that slow and debilitating political disease called progressivism. And the premier standard bearer of the current Republican progressive movement is... none other than the 2008 Republican candidate Senator John McCain.

I have the highest respect and regard for the Senator's service to this country during the Vietnam war. His courage and ethics during this period of his life deserve the utmost admiration. And I want to make that point perfectly clear.

However, somewhere along the way following his initial election to the Senate, and earning the nickname "the Maverick of the Senate"  John McCain went soft, and he went left.

As Michelle Malkin points out in her article entitled... "Attention GOP: John McCain is the problem"... Senator McCain is no conservative. He has a record during the Bush Administration of being a bona fide progressive.

Following are examples of McCain's progressivism:

The seven hundred billion bailout Tarp bailout.

The twenty five billion dollar auto bailout.

The three hundred billion mortgage bailout.

The initial eighty five billion AIG bailout.

In a nutshell John McCain has become part and parcel of the entrenched Republican old guard power structure that progressive like Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Henry Cabot Lodge would be very proud of  I am  sure.

If the Republican party is to rebuild itself it better shed McCain and his cronies and begin listening to the likes of  Ron Paul, who has integrity and actually has ideas worth listening to.

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