Wednesday, February 3, 2010

America's Economy Is "Mostly Free"

Well folks, Rational Nation USA has been saying it all along. Our nation is rapidly losing its economic freedoms as a result of ever increasing government intrusion into the private sector. And logically as individuals and businesses lose economic freedoms political freedom will follow.

In 2009 the United States ranked number six  on The Heritage Foundation's list of leading economic indicators. Following a year of government bailouts, a so called economic stimulus package, Uncle Sam becoming part owners of Chrysler and General Motors..., and increasing regulation on American business to the point that what you are able to build, where you are able to build it, and in some cases even how you can build it, we have fallen to number eight. Right between Canada and Denmark.

As unemployment remains at ten percent plus, the the government has decided it should become the engine that stimulates and drives economic growth. In the process the only thing being stimulated is government itself. The private sector on the other hand is being slowly choked to death by the 39.1% combined federal and state tax rate (only Japan has a higher rate on Companies),  and by the regulatory tentacles of government.

American Business Daily's chart ranking the top twenty countries in terms of freedom:

For the rest of  the American Business Daily piece click the link.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: American Business  Daily


  1. Are you seriously suggesting that one year of economic data are proof of anything?

    That's not rational.

  2. I am suggesting, if anything, that BHO is continuing the profligate spending that GBW (the so called conservative)embarked on.

    Government, and at this juncture it seems not to matter which party is in power, has an insatiable appetite that feeds on itself.

    It will get worse is what I am suggesting. And when it does I really hope BHO acknoledges it isn't GWB's fault any longer.

    Won'thold my breath however.

  3. I'm not sure about what percent of the economy health care is but if it becomes socialized, that number will go down significantly too.

  4. Griper - I suspect you would be correct.


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