Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Which News Network Is The Most Trusted Today?

As it turns out Fox News, in spite of what the liberal establishment and pinheads might like you to believe , is the network most trusted by the American people. 

Recent polling data published by A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey found that forty nine percent of Americans trust Fox News. A full then points more than it's closet competitor CNN.

Most certainly the liberal minded amongst the populous will try to spin the results in  way to discredit the data, or simply pass it off that the forty nine percent are really just irrelevant  and or stupid. But when stacked up against MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or any of the other of the government/media complex, FOX News is one of the few sources where one can find accurate and balanced news.

A quick summary of the results...

Thirty seven percent don't trust Fox News, the lowest level of distrust recorded.

Seventy four percent  of Republicans trust Fox while just thirty percent of Democrats do.

CNN is trusted by thirty nine percent and distrusted by forty one percent.

The three major networks fared as follows.

NBC is trusted by thirty five percent and forty four percent distrust the network. The results include MSNBC, its sister cable network.

CBS and ABC  are both trusted by thirty two percent, and both networks are distrusted by forty six percent.

The good news  illustrated  by these polling numbers is that America remains by and large a centrist to center right society. Not very comforting to the liberals no doubt. But true nonetheless. 

Read the polling data here.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. 49% is NOT a majority....

    Truthfully, this poll shows that Americans are angry and mistrustful of everything and that Fox News has the most loyal watchers.

    Being 'trusted' says nothing about being truthful...

    Then you make quite a jump when you state that America is a centrist center right country...

    Where could that be determined by this poll?

    Oh, and what exactly does 'centrist' and or 'center right' mean?

    Does that mean that America has just as much of a chance in hell of being a conservative country as it does being a liberal country?

    Does that make us all RINOS?

  2. Fox news is to balanced news as donuts are to a balanced breakfast.

    where were they when Bush was deficit spending? Criticism was taboo.Only when Obama continued Bush's profligate ways did they sit up and take notice.

    There is no liberal media.there is only a corporate media where shills sell airtime. Fox was directed at a niche group when set up by Ailes and have marketed themselves well. We have a TV up at work in a building full of union members. More often than not Fox is on. Few or none of the crew are right wingers,only a small group are what could be termed political. They say they prefer Fox cause it's less boring;they like the female talking heads;they say it covers a lot of things and doesn't stay with one long story.

    Fox is extreme right, the rest of the MSM is center-right. If they were liberal they'd support liberal issues, they don't. They don't oppose the wars or support single payer,they don't support financial regulation.They joined Fox in attacking ACORN just not as fanatically.

    If one wants to understand the issues you need to read and compare viewpoints like are expressed on conservative blogs such as this and liberal blogs such as Truth's or Tao. The foreign press can be a good source too. But if you want to stay informed turn off FOX/CNN/MSNBC and get a library card.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. It all a matter how one views the issues.

    The great thing about it all is the opportunity to watch many different viewpoints and read many different newsprints.

    Or go to the library or pick up a magazine.

    And then think it all out for yourself.

    As to liberal and conservative bias in the media. Both exist, however, typically the liberal element has dominated until Fox News and talk radio.

    This is not intended to be a politically charged statement, but I would guess those with an open mind would agree with the prior statement.

    I did a post on what I call the government media complex some time back which touched on this. No doubt it was a bit political.


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