Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Visit To The Liberal Blogosphere and Other Random Musings

A few days ago I was visiting the liberal blogosphere. I often do this to check into what the real liberals (not CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of liberal media) in America are thinking. Of course, I derive a direct benefit from these visits. It recharges my batteries and gives me that reminder why independent and true conservatives must keep on pressing on.

As I usually do I stopped in at A Radical Perspective, a blog true to it's name.  I found his post "Doublethink" interesting so I left the following comment:

Which are we, socialist or fascist.

Briefly -

Socialism, a system whereby the means of production and distribution of goods is owned by the state.

Fascism, allowing for private ownership of business but highly regulated by the state (government).

These are a brief economic definition of both systems.

I would say we have a small amount of socialism but in fact a much larger degree of fascism.

Both are evil, and both should be resisted.

Only true honest capitalism, free from government intrusions, no subsidies for business, and a government free of special interest influence that breeds corruption, can give us a truly ethical and moral economic system.

TRUTH 101, a liberal blog of the first order whom I much more often than not disagree with,  saw my comment and decided to post a reply.  Before his reply I want to say that while TRUTH is a liberal blogger he maintains reason and at times will acknowledge or concede a point to a conservative. I guess that is to say he seems to be a blogger maintaining an open mind. Now his response:

Your faith in our fellow man is laudable RN. I prefer a regulating authority to keep an eye on things over Reagan's "voluntary compliance" nonsense.

True to the liberal philosophy, yes? As I thought about his comment I could n't put my finger on what struck me as odd. So I put on my "cap of musings" and let my thoughts go free. 

My belief, not faith, is that MOST people are honest and have integrity.

TRUTH prefers a government regulatory authority overseeing things.

There are those in society that are NOT men of honesty, integrity, and goodwill.

Since our government is chosen by the people (from a slate of individuals who choose to run)  it would seem likely that given my premise that most people are honest  and with integrity, we should arrive at a just and honest government.

Hmm, is it just me, or is it possible those with honesty and integrity choose to work and produce something while the majority of those in government just may be the ones who lack honesty and integrity?

All politicians and government officials are not corrupt and dishonest. It just seems corrupt and dishonest people find their way into politics and government.  So I will continue to stand by my position as stated.

More Random Musings:

It is okay to have a change of position. But only after reasoned reevaluation in ones own mind.

The problem with some is that they fail to recognize their own self interest is best preserved by the self.

The problem with socialism is that society is made up of individuals. Individuals prosper best when left to do their business.

Take from the individual that which is rightly his and soon there will be no individuals to left take from.


  1. Hi RN,
    thought I'd add a little fuel to the fire.IMO you're right about a basic decency,yet we as humans in groups continue to do awful things.

    I'd never thought about it in depth, but what first comes to mind is that there are people who aren't decent and can't be controlled,and we need someone to do the dirty work and control them.

    So that's where govt steps in, to regulate those who can not or will not regulate themselves.To go by a set of rules and encourage compliance with those rules.

    To take it a little further,we need one side to insure that the govt acts in the public good and funds those actions,with another side to limit the extent of what's done in the public good and the resulting funding.

    Both acting as a loyal opposition to the other.

  2. ok,,to add a bit more fuel to the fire here. lol
    we have the lust for power. that is in most people. and the thirst for power once realized is insatiable. and where is the seat of the gratest power? in government, that is where. that is why you see so many rich people seeking office, even spending millions of their own personal money in order to sit in the seat of government where the pay would never equal the amount spent. and power corrupts.

  3. Oso - You are correct with respect to humans in groups to awful things.

    I acknowledge your point the the government should act in the public good and that the private sector should act to control the excesses that are a natural consequence of government and power.

    However, the government seems to feed on it's own existence and perpetuate more government at the expense of the "public good." The private sector has either been lulled to sleep by the siren song of "socialism and the public good", or else in large numbers they either 1) don't understand what is at stake, or 2) don't care as judged by voting percentages these last several years. perhaps this is changing.

    Your comments Oso are a pleasure to receive as you give a lot of reasoned thought to your arguments. As such you bring a lot to the table worth kicking around.

    Thank you from RN USA.

  4. Griper - Well said my friend!

    You have made a great argument for term limits for congressman and senators. Hell, even the Supreme Court Justices perhaps, given the present day of excesses.

    Great comment with much insight!

  5. I concede to your side on term limits Griper and RN. Now if you could get those in power on your side that say they are for term limits to actually try to if not abide by them, work to make them law, I would appreciate it.

    I stand by what I said at TAO's blog. Government also has regulating agencies which regulate it's employees.

  6. TRUTH - I promise you this, I will work tirelessly to convince the non conservatives on our side to become real conservatives and embrace the concept of term limits.

    I stand by my position as well.

  7. The Value of Values

    An individual’s values are established in childhood and serve as filters when determining right from wrong throughout the person’s life. In today’s society, the process of establishing values within children is given little concern. People place greater emphasis on day to day activities and personal ambitions, than they do on the establishment of values within their children. By default, parents are teaching their children that values such as integrity, respect for life, courage of conviction, a purposeful life and generosity, are secondary to making a living.

    In truth, it does not have to be this way. It is a matter of choice.

    The “The Value of Values” teaches us why a values-conscious society is important. You will learn the actions that are needed. You will learn how to sustain the drive.
    “The Value of Values” is a must read for every parent concerned about the direction of our society and the challenges our children will be facing.

    Ed states: “we have three possible choices”.
    1) “Do nothing different than that which we have been doing. Complacently accept things as they are and will be.”
    2) “Hope that our leaders will guide society in the proper direction despite the fact that they place values second to ambitions.”
    3) “Accept our personal responsibility to our children. Accept that real change is not passed down from leaders, but rather, it is driven up from the people. Accept the fact that we each have within us the ability to make things different for generations to come.”

    “The choices we make today will determine the society of tomorrow.”

  8. Ed - Well said. Teaching children a rational, ethical, and moral value system is perhaps the hardest task a parent faces in todays society. It is also the single most important responsibility a parent has.

    When a child reached Jr.High School they should be introduced to, and encouraged to read, and study the works of Ayn Rand.

    Objectivism, the philosophy of Rand is powerful, ethical, and can set a foundation on which to build a productive and happy life.

    Thanks for the read and your insightful comment.

  9. truth,
    "I concede to your side on term limits Griper and RN...."

    instead of just conceding our point, then telling us to convince those in power to limit their time in office, join us in doing so. that is another thing i have against liberalism. they are good at wanting others to do for the individual that the individual should do for himself.

  10. RN USA,
    Thanks for allowing me a forum to exchange views with you.I appreciate the viewpoints you share.


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