Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sinking Numbers

Leave it to the United States Congress to once again assemble legislation that  the majority of the American public does not approve of.

The feelings of dissatisfaction for both political parties runs beep. In fact the American peoples approval of the way Congress has handled  health care reform is lower than the Presidents.

The President's sagging approval rating on his handling of health care has brought his overall approval rating down.   

A CBS News poll, conducted from January 6 through January 10 , finds that only thirty six percent approve of the Presidents handling of health care.  This past December forty two percent approved of the manner in which the President was handling the issue.

The approval rating received by both Congressional Democrats and Republicans was lower than that of the President. Sixty percent of of Americans disapprove of how both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are handling health care reform.  Fifty seven percent disapprove of the way  Democrats are handling the issue, while sixty one percent are not happy with the Republicans are handling it.

Among each of the parties own supporters, approval ratings are low as well. Forty eight percent of Democrats approve of how Democrats in Congress are handling health care, but just forty three percent of Republicans approve of the way their party is handling the issue.

There is also little consensus that the reforms being considered actually represent the best approach. Approximately twenty percent of Americans believe the reforms provide the right balance with respect to expanding coverage, controlling cost, and regulating the insurers. 

Americans are about evenly divided on whether the the reforms go too far, or not far enough to provide coverage to as many Americans as possible. Approximately forty percent believe the reforms do not do enough to control costs or regulate insurance companies.

Basically the approval numbers have been declining for this reason; as the American people have begun  to understand better the ramifications of this ill conceived hodge podge of bureaucratic over think and intrusion into the lives of all Americans, they are beginning to  realize they are just about to get porked by their government once again. And the majority doesn't like it one bit.

What any good business managers would do given these set of conditions would be to go back to the beginning, put together a balanced team of representatives from all concerned interests, and rethink their premises. For what we will end up with if nothing changes will be a very warm bag of pig dung.  

But then again this is just mans reasoned opinion.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: CBS News


  1. like you said, go back to the drawing board and start over but do it in strps this time,

    1. find out where agreement lies and use those agreements as foundation.
    2 determine where disagreement lies and toss those ideas out. come up with new ideas to replace them
    3 keep an open mind to solutions instead of thinking there be only a single solution and trying to make that solution universal.

  2. Griper - Well put. This is exactly what needs to be done. It likely will not however, given the Democrats need to "just get something, anything done" so they can say they at least did something."


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