Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reid's Gaffe - What Does it Mean?

At the risk of getting into trouble I must say I find Reid's comments about President Obama being accepted because he is a light skinned Black American that doesn't sound black disturbing. Disturbing just on face value itself, but even more so on a philosophical level.

Disturbing because it imply's that Americans are racist in general and had President Obama been a dark skinned black who spoke more like a black individual he would have been rejected on that basis. Very disturbing and a completely racist statement by a national political leader.

What is interesting is that the discussion skirts a central issue with respect to racism. The motivator for skirting the issue is to perpetuate the government, and leftist media's desire to categorize people by their race and or ethnicity rather than as Americans.

This is done intentionally to divide the nation along ethnic and racial lines to create the condition where politicians, and government leaders can "play the issue to their political advantage." In other words to build their political base on government preferential treatment based on race and or ethnicity.

It is long past time to move on to the understanding we are all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity, and each individual should be judged on their merit or lack thereof. Statements such as the one made by Harry Reid have no place in 21st century America as it plays into the race issue in such a way as to continue division along racial lines.

In my opinion Harry Reid should step down from his leadership position and the body in which he is employed should officially censure him. It is likely however their will be little to no fallout for Reid. It is very likely that the double standard will be applied in this case. Click on CBS News to hear Senator Feinstein's comments on Face The Nation today.

It is to President Obama's credit he accepted Reid's apology. But that really isn't of great significance in the larger scheme of things. Is it?

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  1. Welcome back RN
    First,I respect you for bringing up a subject which can be touchy and for not making it partisan. I recall Biden saying something similar about Obama prior to his selection as VP.

    I will be honest here,and as a guest on your site I am apologizing in advance because I do not mean to offend anyone.

    From what I've read Reid's remarks are realistic, as realistic as saying John Kerry looks more presidential than Dennis Kucinich.

    There is a lot of racial bias in this country.I'm not talking Klan and I'm not pointing my finger at Whites. What I'm saying is, the less "different" a person appears to a given group the more likely they are to accept him. So in that context Reid's remarks make perfect sense.

    There are people who would never vote for a Black man no matter how educated he was. There are people who would consider only the man's qualifications.But there are those in the middle who for a myriad of reasons could have been "on the fence" about voting for Obama so I would assume it was those voters Reid's remarks addressed.

    There are times people manufacture outrage, where they see racism where none is intended. An example might be, If someone addresses me as Hey Pedro that's offensive. If someone mistakes me for the cleaning guy, that's an honest mistake. That's how I see this, or Michael Steele saying Honest Injun, or the stuff about Brit Hume saying Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity.

    I wrote earlier I am not pointing charges of racism at a particular race. I grew up hearing the N-word from older family members. Those aunts and uncles grew up on a reservation. Wouldn't they instead embrace Black people as fellow minorities ? No. They were different.

    Again RN, if I've offended anybody I apologize to you and to them.

  2. Oso - I understand your point and it is well made. In some respects I agree with you.

    My post was intended to cause thought. I believe that the remark made by Reid should not be accepted as an honest mistake coming from a leader of his so called stature. And the power structure, particularly of the Democratic party but not limited to them by any means, uses race to gain political advantage.

    The second post today is precisely how race is used by politicians to garner support. Individualism, and recognizing each individual based on their merit or lack thereof without regard to race or ethnicity is proper.

    And that is how the government should view it as well. Sadly they don't, and for political reasons.

  3. That quote by Rand is phenomenal. It absolutely blocks any rationalization of bigotry.

  4. Your comment section continues to be a pain RN. After the third try I gave up on this subject. Now watch this one take.

  5. TRUTH - A touchy subject to say the least. Look at it this way, never give up, rather try, try, try again until we succeed.

  6. Oso - Rand was a phenomenal person, and her Objectivist philosophy continues to be as true now as when she penned it. Perhaps her philosophy is even more relevant and important today given the state of our nation and the world in general.


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