Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson and His New Science

Pat Robertson on why Haiti suffered the recent and devastating earthquake.

This left me absolutely dumbfounded. A supposedly educated man returning to the beliefs of the dark ages for explanations of natural occurrences.

This is something one would expect to see in a fictional Medieval movie. This would be funny if it weren't so disturbing.

To think this kind of thinking and blind faith is being sold ( better put trying to be sold) is indeed disturbing. Although, this is something one might expect from the charlatans of organized religion.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: NYDaily News


  1. Rational: What's even MORE disturbing than Pat Robertson "selling" this crap is the amount of people "buying" IT!

  2. Pam - So true. Mysticism is a dangerous thing.

  3. Mysticism is no more dangerous than any other belief. it, just like any other belief, only becomes dangerous when they go to the extreme and believe that their beliefs justifies the use of force.

    we all hold to some beliefs that someone else will say is a dangerous belief.

  4. oh,,and off the subject RN but i have noticed that on other blogs that have you as a link does the same thing as mine. for some reason, your blog does not update to latest post.

  5. Griper - Agreed, perhaps not a good word choice.

    Mysticism mixed with fanaticism becomes dangerous. This remind me of the dark ages, the Salem witch trials etc.... mentality. I did not mean to imply Robertson himself was a danger.

    I don't understand why MY blog is not updating either. Perhaps I need to paste a HTML?

  6. He's an old man who has the "will of Pat" confused with the "will of God." It is those who still pay attention to him that I care about.

  7. Cecil - I believe you are correct, he is a confused old man.


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