Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Of The Same Group-think From The President

Wow, what an inarticulate presentation of nothingness. The fact is Coakley equals more of the same partisan Democratic liberal socialist/statist BS.

Scott Brown is an individual that recognizes the Senate seat he is running for is truly the peoples seat. And he will pursue a course that benefits the individual.

I urge all registered voters in Massachusetts to vote for Scott Brown. After all it is the peoples seat and if he fails to live up to the peoples expectations he can and should be voted out when his term is up.

But first we need to give him the opportunity to go to work for us in Washington. What we know for certain is Coakley will mean more of the same back room Boston style lockstep liberal left wing Democratic politics that is not representative of the frugal New England middle class.

Whatever your leanings are Rational Nation USA urges the electorate of Massachusetts to go to the polls and exercise the right and responsibility to cast a vote for the individual you feel best represents your interests.

Hopefully that will be a vote for Scott Brown.

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  1. i look for a big turnout on both sides RN. My Mom's family is from Massachusetts. Die hard Kennedy Democrats all of them. I get constant messages telling me what's going on. They were all excited that Obama was coming to Mass,

    As for the nothingness? Bahh. That's what the people want in their speeches. Feel good stuff. Your guy rails for tax and spending cuts that will never happen. "Victory?" in Iraq that will never happen.

    It comes down to who's better at selling "nothing."

  2. TRUTH It comes down to this;

    Coakley is a product of the far left wing of the democratic party in MA. She will march in lockstep with the political "bosses" if elected. IMO she lacks the integrity a Senator should have.

    Brown is essentially a moderate conservative. I do not like his support for interventionist foreign policy. I absolutely believe he is correct on spending cuts as that is how we all run our household during tight times. As to more tax cuts, I believe I addressed that in a prior post. But briefly, given the current situation it may be unwise. Just as raising taxes right would be unwise.

    So it really comes down to personal ethics and integrity. Scott Brown has it all over Coakley.


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