Monday, January 18, 2010

A Message From Ayn Rand

As an independent and true conservative I hold with the values of Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism. A philosophy based on individualism, reason, ethical and moral values, and the understanding that capitalism is the only truly moral economic system ever devised by man.

These words by Rand were directed primarily at conservatives because they at the time, and are still doing so today, had abdicated the values on which they once stood. Conservatives would do well to listen to these words and reflect on the truth contained in them. For if conservatives are to once again be a formidable force for good, and what is right for America they must began to recognize where they went wrong.


  1. Eh. There are things to admire about Rand, such as her individualism, hatred of tyranny, and love of free markets and capitalism. However she was also an atheist and opposed all charity, public and private.

    In the end Rand cannot be said to be a conservative in the way the movement exists today.

  2. Your right. Capitalism is the only truly moral economic system. Socialism and communism limits innovation wheras capitalism encourages innovation. Communism and socialism penalizes you for succeeding.

    I honestly need to read Ayn Rand's novels before I say I agree with her philosophy or not.

  3. Tom - Yes Rand was an atheist. She was a staunch advocate of reason and found no rational basis to believe in the existence of a supernatural power. Her right.

    Rand was not opposed to charity when it was given of ones free choice. Her opposition was rather to the taking an individuals income through taxation and the government deciding how the money was to spent.

    She actually had no problem with charity as long as it was a choice made voluntarily by the individual. She viewed voluntary charity as goodwill. She made many references to this in her writings.

    What Rand was saying about conservatism was the movement had strayed from the principals and values of objective thought. It is why she herself would not identify with the modern conservative movement. She saw herself as a Radical for Capitalism and said so. To which I would add reason.

  4. Teresa - Your words on capitalism compared to socialism and communism is right on. Rand would agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Rand wrote much that is non fiction as well as her fictional novels. her two best fiction are The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. And they are built around her belief in indivisulism and capitalism. Great reads but long.

    If one is to really understand Rand's Philosophy they need to read much more than just her fictional novels. I would suggest; Objectivism, The New Intellectual, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, and The Virtue of Selfishness. There are many more, but this is a good start.

  5. I have absolutely no dispute with your advocacy of Ayn Rand's philosophy.

    I do take issue with "As an independent and true conservative ..." part of your leading sentence.

    Any Rand's philosophy is what it is and stands on its own independent of any particular political characterizations, and so should we all. Labels such as "conservative" and "liberal" are political characterizations with which political agents of various stripes adorn themselves in order to garner an easy string of hangers-on who will help them further their political ambitions.

    Be truly independent and let your ideas stand or fall on their intellectual merit.

  6. Anon - Point well made.

    Rand's works stand alone as you say. She herself was more apolitical than anything. Although, when asked how she would describe herself with respect to conservatism and liberalism she said liberalism.

    She had much to say that was not positive about the conservative movement of her time.

    I define myself as an independent and true conservative because I set myself apart from the modern day neo-cons. In truth I suppose an equally accurate definition of leanings would be "a classical liberal in a sense of the Enlightenment and The Age of Reason, and the founders of this Great Nation.

    Rand also proudly defined herself as "a radical for capitalism."

    Thanks for the read and your excellent and reasoned comment.

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