Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Awesome Quote - Can Our Leadership Learn From It?

“Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else; hence the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those which assure to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights.”

Rational Nation USA came across the above quote recently and was struck by the awesome truth in these words. The source of this quote is unknown, however the knowledge as to who uttered, or wrote these words is not nearly as important as the meaning and rationality of the words themselves.

One can easily imagine that anyone one of the founding fathers could have written, spoke, or both, these words of ultimate wisdom. As we look at the realities of our current day political, governmental, and economic practices we can see how far we have strayed from these truths.

Today, the corrupt and unprincipled politicians and elected government officials have lost sight of the values average Americans have held dear for over 233 years. The values deeply embodied within the above quote. Indeed the values of our Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America.

The values of limited government, self sufficiency and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The right to be free from burdensome and oppressive government regulation that stifles creative thought, ability, and the free and unfettered ability to trade freely on an open market.

It is truly unfortunate that many, perhaps the majority, fail to see the value in the principled exercise of these principles and values. For certain the Republican and Democratic parties have failed to understand the opening quote for well over a century.

And the chickens have come home to roost following the worst decade of financial mismanagement since FDR and the Great Depression.


  1. Hello Rational Nation,
    I'd read what you'd written on the side of your blog "Is the end of our nation near?" and couldn't help wonder if you'd read any works by Kevin Phillips ?
    He addresses the subject several times, most nobably in American Theocracy and draws parallels between Western empires from Spain to Netherlands to UK to us, all rising with trade/manufacturing and all of them declining once financialization overtook mfg/trade.

  2. Happy New Year Rational Nation USA. Thinking on your post, isn't it true to say that Organizations such as Blackwater (Xe) or Halliburton ensconce politicians into government who will ensure that corruption occurs in their favor by the transfer of billions of dollars into their coffers? Isn't the problem one of Government being controlled by certain interests whose short and long term goals never coincide with the actual american people?

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  4. Government is no longer about Governing but rather it is about economics.

    State and local goverments give up over 60 billion dollars a year in tax breaks to get companies to relocate to their states and towns.

    Then when the meltdown occurs state and local governments turn to the federal government for a bailout.

    Then you have agriculture subsidies...

    Department of Defense contracts where fraud and cost over runs are commonplace.

    Drug companies that supported the prescription drug bill so that they could ensure their profitability at home while lowering the costs of their products in foreign countires.

    We do not even need to bring up Wall Street...

    Corporations have demanded that government socialize capitalism....

    Subsidized capitalism is not capitalism.

    If you want your freedoms then free our government from the vise grip of capitalistic special interests.


    The New Deal was packed-to-the-rafters with Left Wing Radicals. These were men (and one woman - Francis Perkins) with a serious agenda. Their main concern was for the welfare of the common man and woman. Not until (and not since) Johnson's Great Society a generation later would the betterment of the American people be the chief focus of the executive branch of our government.

    There aren't many people left who even remember the Great Depression. All but a few of them have since passed on. A child born on the day the stock market crashed in 1929 would have turned eighty this past October 29. The problem is that hardy anyone alive today has a first-hand appreciation of what true progressive policies might mean for this doomed country - if only they were allowed to be put into practice in 2010. Liberalism saved America once. It could do it again. If only....

    Tom Degan

  6. People who are in love with apologizing are LIARS.

    People who think apologizing makes everything better, like a band-aid on a boo-boo, are LIARS.

    People who DEMAND that parties of their choosing need only apologize and we can all live in harmony afterwords as a direct result of the apology are LIARS.

    You know who you are. I’m not going call your name (leftie).

    I say, actions simply have consequences and conversations. And that’s that. Don’t insult me with by adding more BS to your lies..

  7. OSO - No, I have not read Philips. His analysis sounds as though it has merit. Thank you for mentioning him. I will check his work out.

  8. Grung e Gene - Another reason for real campaign reform laws. As a true independent conservative I have always believed that the influence of money, particularly, from wall street and the financial and banking industry needs to be addressed.

    I favor capitalism in the mold of Henry Ford and Any Rand as expressed in her philosophy of Objectivism.

  9. TAO - As a fierce supporter of capitalism, and by that I mean capitalism as it could be and should be. In other words Randian capitalism as enunciated in her philosophy of Objectivism and more specifically her book "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal."

  10. Tom - Not a fan of New Dealers. Their influence on our economy and nation was such that it prolonged the Great Depression for years longer than it would have otherwise lasted.

    Not to mention the Federal Reserve established in 1913 during the early years of the progressive era. Another great, as it has turned out, boondoggle for America.

    Limited effective government and true capitalism, now there is a recipe for hope and change.

  11. Anon - I haven't a clue as to the relevancy of your comment to this post. Perhaps it is because 1) I am to tired or 2) I don't want to.

    Can't decide which it may be.

  12. TAO - Somehow I truncated my first response to your comment. My apology. In essence, and on the basis of my beginning first reply, I find myself in agreement.


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