Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michael Steele Gets Heated With CNBC Commentator

The mentality of the far left wackos are a truly amazing phenomenon. CNBC commentator, Donny Deutsch got into a heated exchange with GOP National Committee Chairman Michael Steele over the Republican criticism of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's comparison of the opponents of nationalized health care to the people who tried to block the abolition of slavery.

Any great change throughout history, the naysayers say 'it's not time, it's not time?' So why is that not a relevant analogy?" Deutsch asked.

The exchange;

Read the full text here.

Via: Politico


  1. Slim balls at MSNBC don't want to hear it. They're too busy getting tingles up their legs.

  2. well said Woodsterman.

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Hi Rational Nation! I'm glad you found my blog and followed me, allowing me to find yours! It's really great. I have the same fears for our country that you do. Having all us intelligent conservative bloggers speaking out against the power mad grabbing goons is a good way to prevent this.

    Thanks for following me. I'm glad Steel spoke up about this. Imagine what would have happened if someone tried to pull that on obummer.....they would have been hung!

  4. forget the mainstream media..theyre way gone!!

  5. Bunni - I am with you 100% - Thanks for the read. I shall visit your blog frequently.

    Woman - Indeed they are, part of the government media complex. Thank you for stopping in at RN USA

  6. Amusing Bunni said "Having all us intelligent conservative bloggers speaking out against the power mad grabbing goons is a good way to prevent this"

    Be glad RN is on your side.


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