Monday, December 14, 2009

just a conservative girl: Senator Bayh, Doctors, and Obamacare

With all that is going down in the health care arena, and given all the disingenuous deals being worked out by the Dem's in Congress it is difficult to decide just what the truth is. So, in Rational Nation USA's search for what may actually be considered reasonable concerns as well as representing the truth, the following link to just a conservative girl  is as close as it gets. The letter from Doctor F.E. Fraser, MD points out significant concerns as well as providing  both the page number and  line in the Health Care bill.

RN USA wishes to thank jut a conservative girl for finding and posting this valuable information on the dangers inherent in the current drive to pass nationalized universal health care in America.

View at just a conservative girl: Senator Bayh, Doctors, and Obamacare


  1. I tried reading through Dr. Fraser's letter on Just a Conservative Girl's site, and wound up reaching for the heart medicine after just a few lurid passages.

    The monstronsity of this bill is insane. This bill just doesn't belong anywhere within our Constitution.

    I just can't imagine the IRS having access to my bank account. That one just by itself is reason to chuck this whole bill in the garbage.

  2. Here's my big problem with those against national health insurance RN. You're not for anything. A few talking points about competition or the size of the bill are all they can spout.

    I asked on my site, I'll ask on yours RN: Would any of you against national health insurance for all refuse any governemtn aid if you or a family member were sick and you had no insurance? Anyone that would honestly answer "yes" I would concede to him his convictions and right to argue against this. Noboby else on that side has any credibility.

    Doctors and providers are going to make plenty of money. Probably more because if everyone is covered, all the bills will be paid.

    Right now, we already have government insurance. Medicare. Medicaid. Public Aid. And the one nobody talks about. Bankruptcy. That's court aid my friends.

    Let's put an end to this and get everyone on the same plan and helping to pay for it.

  3. TRUTH - You pose a question that almost insures you win your point. I do not consider it a reasonable approach to shut down arguments that have some merit.

    You have read enough of my posts, and in this case you did say "You're not for anything", as well as comments on other blogs to know I have reasonably considered health care reform. In fact I happen to agree with TAO that the Swiss Plan has merit and is something I, and other like minded conservatives could likely live with.

    However, I will not concede it make any sense to pass a health care reform bill that in my reasoned opinion makes little to no sense and will likely increase our national debt and budget deficits just so Obama can give himself an A- rather than a B+.

    If the Democratic leadership really wanted a bi partisan health care bill perhaps we would have something. The problem is they want a single payer system, they have tried multiple gimmicks to end up at that point or something very close to it..

    I am not opposed to a reasonable plan to accomplishing improving our system. What is currently being offered is, in my considered judgement, simply not it.

    And just for historical reference. Thomas Paine, who as you know was probably the single most instrumental individual in making the case for our war of independence, was a proponent of civil society and a proper government providing social help for those in society that were least able to help themselves.

    I point this out TRUTH because as you know many conservatives point to Thomas Paine, especially Glenn Beck. Call my little ditty here "the rest of the story."

    So, again I say, I am not a part of the pack. I speak my mind and I am not part of what you refer to as the NO crowd. But I absolutely do not believe that Obama and Democratic leadership has the right plan.

    A reasonable President, and leadership would listen to the people. Go back to the drawing board and arrive at a workable plan the people would support in majority.

    I have stated what I believe may work. if either party put a plan, details made clear, similar to the Swiss Plan, it would gain the majority of Americans support i believe.

    The reason, and I believe you know this is true, the Dem's are backing away is because the majority of the American people do not like their offering. Polls, for whatever they are worth, bear this out.

    So, lets You, TAO, and me go to Washington and present the damn idea. That is if you have the political connections to get us an audience before the One. :-)

  4. At one time, I had some friends RN. All I have now is a little blog. And one of it's main purposes to me is no longer relevant. I'd be happy to sign on to Swiss style plan to send to Washington though. Coming from liberal, libertarian and TAO, perhaps it get some attention. I agree what is going through now, or what it will end up as, will be useless piece of drivel with no other purpose than both sides being able to claim victory.

  5. Fred - Indeed this bill is a farce and deserves to be tossed into the circular file.

    Thanks for visting RN USA.


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