Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iran - How Can the U.S. Best Support the Iranian Freedom Movement?

The picture of a madman, and the face of pure evil. Ahmadinejad, despised by the people he leads, won his reelection through the most corrupt means possible.

The people of the Persian Nation he and the 7th century minded Mullahs rule with a totalitarian and theocratic fist have chosen to say enough is enough. They are demonstrating and protesting in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere.

The Washington Post ran an article today essentially in support of those fighting for freedom in Iran. The paper pointed to what it believes the Obama Administration has done positively in support of the Freedom Movement growing in the country. here some of the highlights of the article.

"Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei clearly is betting he can defeat the opposition Green Movement with brute force. In the past week, security forces have attacked peaceful mourners at the funeral of dissident Ayatollah Ali Montazeri and violated the tradition of restraint associated with the Ashura holiday."

"In short, Iran's political crisis now looks like a battle to the death between the regime and its opposition. No one on either side in Tehran is talking about compromise. Nor does it seem likely that there will be a sustained respite from domestic turmoil until one side triumphs."

"The Obama administration and other Western governments must tailor their policies toward Iran to reflect the centrality of the Green Movement's fight for freedom. While diplomatic contact with the regime need not be broken off entirely, by now it should be obvious that it cannot produce significant results -- and might serve to shore up a tottering dictatorship."

"The administration has worried excessively that open U.S. support might damage the Green Movement. Now President Obama has publicly taken sides, and the battle inside Iran has reached a critical juncture. It's time for the United States to do whatever it can, in public and covertly, to help those Iranians fighting for freedom. "

Rational Nation USA for once finds itself in complete agreement with the Post's pronouncements. It remains to be how the Obama administration will find a way to support the Iranian freedom fighters both publicly and covertly. It is obvious that financial support funneled covertly to the opposition is the best way. However, given our nations precarious and almost insolvent financial situation it is not in our best interest to spend more money we don't have.  I don't believe the President is prepared to do that. But then again, given his record his first year in office, who knows?

Read the full text of The Washington Post article HERE

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Washington Post


  1. "It is obvious that financial support funneled covertly to the opposition is the best way."

    i never was a big supporter of covert actions to topple a government. the past has shown me that we have financed many an overthrow yet the succeeding government was no different from the government toppled. in other words it was a waste of the american taxpayer's dollar.

  2. I certainly concede we haven't been the best at choosing were we spent our Money. And I guess I said now is not the time to do it anyway.

  3. then he chuckles a bit at a thought. "hell, if the people are the boss and our representatives are our servants then let's save a whole bunch of money by telling them to go home and not meet again until after the recession is over. give them an unpaid leave of absense. lol

  4. Seems to me that anything to push this regime into History's trash heap would be worth it. There's really no way a replacement regime could be worse for U.S. interests and world peace. Maybe one of those ethnic separatist groups could sabotage their only gasoline refinery (wink, wink) and we could prevent more from being shipped? Tyranny might be near impossible without fuel for the goons and enforcers to move to the demonstrations.

  5. This had been referred to as Iran's "Berlin Wall" moment. Unfortunately, there's no Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher on the world stage. Just feckless, callow politicians looking out for their own gain...

  6. Yeah. That would really help. "The Great Satan" taking a side in a middle east conflict.

    All we can do is urge Iranians to peacefully settle their differences. Then of course hope that the opposition grows and can peacefully overthrow the mullahs. Kind of like what happened in the Phillipines only with a dictator.

    Nesh has it figured out, almost. We have no way of knowing if the opposition will turn out to be Castroesque nuts or reasonable people that long for freedoms we enjoy. No point in risking anything of ours until we know who's in charge.

  7. Griper- Great point! Wish I had thought of it. Maybe we should send them on an indefinite furlough without pay.

    Neshobanakni - Indeed, good points and I agree. Even given my philosophical belief that should cause me to believe otherwise. This regime is not what the Iranian people want and it poses a threat to the Israel, the U.S. and the entire free world.

    Kurt - Sadly I believe you are right. But we can continue to hope for real leadership. And if it fails to materialize we can effect REAL HOPE and CHANGE in 2010 and 2012.

    TRUTH - I can only offer this. The Persian people (Iranians are not Arab, and I have several Persian friend who came to this country to escape the tyranny that is the Islamic Republic of Iran and yet retain ties with their homeland through family and friends, tell me they DO NOT view the U.S. as the Great Satan. They also tell me that most Persian Iranians like the U.S.

    For what it's worth.


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