Saturday, December 26, 2009

Demonstrations in Iran

Again the Iranian people are showing their opposition to the regime of madman Ahmadinejad. A BBC article just out today reported.

Jon Leyne, a BBC correspondent in Tehran, said the opposition sources are creating a picture of widespread and violent confrontations.

There have been unconfirmed reports on reformist websites of several protests in the capital area. Also reported is that the government is using tear gas to breakup the demonstrators and protesters.

A source quoted by Reuters said said that opposition supporters gathered along a lengthy stretch of a main city route but that the government was preventing the groups from linking up.

The government is said to be reacting forcefully and beating protesters with batons and breaking the windshields of cars.

The opposition has claimed since Iran's recent national election that President Ahmadinejad's re-election in June was due to mass scale tampering with results. An allegation he vehemently denies.

The demonstrations have occurred during the beginning of  Shia religious festivals on December 26. The festivals mark the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson in the 7th century. The reformists have set the min date for demonstrations for December 27th, the last day of festivals.

Unrest has been growing since the death of dissident cleric the Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri (87) a week ago. There were reports of clashes following his funeral in Qom, as well as other locations in Iran.

Iran is indeed a country ran by a madman and a bunch of mullahs who rather than work to restore Iran to a rightful place in the society of nations, wishes to keep her mired in the 7th century mentality of an evil, unbending, and violent Prophet.  Under these conditions Iran poses a grave threat to the United States and Israel, as well as the rest of the free world.

It is time that our nation finds a way to either get the Iranian leadership to engage in honest diplomacy, or act swiftly and decisively to quell an emerging threat to the free world.
 Diplomacy when it is honest, and respected by both parties, is always the proper course to follow. I  fear the Government of Iran fail the test of desiring honest and fruitful diplomacy.

The people of Iran, being intelligent, independent, and industrious are beginning to rise up in protest against their Totalitarian Theocracy. Perhaps the Iranian people themselves may provide the key to a solution to the problem of Iran. If we listen. But I believe there may not be much time remaining.

More on Iran here.

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  1. its great aricle, i just love it! 'Iran is indeed a country ran by a madman and a bunch of mullahs who rather than work to restore Iran to a rightful place in the society of nations, wishes to keep her mired in the 7th century mentality of an evil'-great passage. but ok i unerstand that iran is kinda extrimist and religious agressor but what happened to other civilizated world?
    1-5 elite countries dont want to share their power with someone else and they dont want to allow to Iran to be able to dictate its rules. Iran also promissed to wipe Israel from the map. Such agression is impossible to be encouraged.
    2. Russia is interested in streighten of its influeance on middle east- they are ready to sell s-300 to Iran but at the same time they were ready to join alliance against iran. then they changed their mind for some reason. it seems they dont care 3. China was doing the same thing with Russia but something went wrong and they cancelled meeting with other members of P5+1
    4. USA pressed Israel as much as they could but last time they sound more like *we are not able to prevent the attac of Israel*
    5. Iran at the same time test nuclear components and swear that they have nothing like nuclear programm and that its all-provocation of USA against them.
    everybody is just about money and sphere of influence. noone care lifes of innocent citizens. after russia sells weapons to arabs-they do terracts with this russia.but noone care again.

  2. ilona@israel - You are so correct in your analysis of the present day state of reality with Iran. To me it is indeed fortunate as I have friends of Iranian descent who escaped Iran in the early "80's".

    They are independent thinkers and tell me of a time that Muslims, Christians, and Jews could live side by side in their country and coexist both as neighbors and friends.

    I am also ashamed of my nations recent treatment of the state of Israel. Perhaps one day peoples of the Muslim world will put aside their hatred of Israel and peace will finally be realized.

    Shalom my friend, and thank you for honoring my humble blog with your visit.


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