Friday, December 11, 2009

CNN Poll Shows GOP Erasing Popularity Gap In Congress

With less than a year before the 2010 mid term elections a CNN poll indicates the public has divided thought on who can best lead the nation.

The CNN poll released Thursday based on interviews with 1,014 Americans, shows the GOP closing the popularity gap. Forty percent of those questioned believe the U.S. would be better off with Dem's leading Congress. Thirty nine percent think  the country would be better off with Repub's at the helm.

The Dem's enjoyed a twenty five point advantage following Obama's ascendancy to the highest office in the nation in January. The significant loss of this formidable advantage in so short of time is truly stunning. Of particular note is that since August support for Dem's controlling Congress has  declined fastest in the Northeast and the Pacific Rim, two of the most liberal Dem strongholds in the Nation.

Quick summary of polling results:

* 19% of respondents said the shape of the country would be the same no matter which party was in control.

* 43% said they trust Dem's more on healthcare reform while 40% believe Repub's would do a better job.

* 36% favor the health care bill being considered in the U.S. Senate while 61% oppose the bill.

* 53% of the respondents favor a public option administered by the government which would allow for competition with private insurers. 

* 79% think that the senate's version, or one similar to it, would increase the federal deficit while only 19% believe it would not.

* 85% of respondents believe their taxes would increase and 14% think they would see no increase in taxes.

The polls overall sampling margin is + or - three percentage points.

Polls being what they are are only indicators of the public mood at a given point in time. However, these poll results do indicate a significant shift in the direction of public opinion. Some pundits, particularly the fringe far liberal left , will say this is partly because Obama and his minions in the Senate and House are not pushing their long sought after dream of universal cradle to grave government run health care

The public does want meaningful and affordable health care reform. To win favor any such reform must reduce cost, expand minimum coverage to qualified U.S. citizens, be deficit neutral, and not bleed individual taxpayers and businesses to death.

Americans are waking up to the reality that continuing to expand the federal government while ballooning our National Debt makes no sense for us or future generations. It is however one possible avenue to becoming third world country.

These poll numbers should give true independent conservatives and libertarians heart. It is an opportunity to bring real change to America.  The GOP has an opportunity in 2010 if it knows how to seize it and run with it. To do so will require the GOP to put forth constructive ideas that build on true conservative values. Lets start by working to balance our budget, reigning in the military industrial complex, identifying the waste and corruption in our government and eliminating it. 

Assuming the current monstrosities of health care reform do not  pass, and we should all hope they don't, be prepared when we get our affairs in order to put forth a workable plan that will in fact benefit the country as well as its individual citizens. I know I will take a bunch of flack for this but a good place to start might be to study in depth the Swiss plan which retains the market aspects conservatives desire.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: CNN Politics


  1. I agree that the next cycle should be favorable for Republicans, particularly those who run on a small gov't/fiscal responsibility platform. I am less confident that they won't find a way to screw it up.

    PS - thanks for the follow. Reciprocated. But blogger's follow feature isn't showing any of your recent posts. Weird.

  2. I agree completely.

    Yes it is weird. I've noticed that but haven't been able to figure out why.

    Thanks for the visit and the follow.

  3. What innominatus says may be what costs republicans seats. I've been a party regular with the Dems for years. A true high tax, high government service Dem for the most part doesn't get through the primary. The party insiders don't want rogues that actually believe in real [rinciples.

    I'm of the opinion that the true fiscally responsible,small government R's will end up running as third party candidates splitting the Republican party in the general election.

    The parties demand obedience above principle.

    Thanks for the link. I was far overdue adding yours RN.

  4. TRUTH - What I beleve needs to happen in both majors, and likely won't, is that the leadership retuen to sound fiscal principals and smaller gocernment. I personally believe Jeffersonian principals would serve this republic well in this day and age.

    I used to be a republican but became so disenchanted with the lack of princple I, ..., to crib Reagan in reverse, I didn't leave the Republican Party they left me.

    Your welcome, and thans fron RN as well.


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