Friday, November 20, 2009

Recession - Blame Shifting from Republicans to Demecrats

A new CNN poll of 1,014 adults, including 928 registered voters, show a shift in public opinion as to which political party is responsible for the current economic recession.

The poll, released Friday morning, reveals some interesting numbers.

38% blame the Republicans for the nations economic difficulties. This is down 15% points from a poll taken last May when 53% held the Republicans to blame.

27% blame the Democrats for the current recession. This is up 6% points from May when only 21% blamed them for the current economic situation.

27% of poll respondents hold both parties responsible for our economic difficulties.

If current beliefs continue to trend as they are, it will be a serious threat to the Democratic party retaining control of Congress following the 2010 election. At the current pace of changing perceptions, approximately two to three points per month, the majority of the American public will blame the Democrats by next years mid term elections.

Further troubling data from the poll results for Democrats are; only 36% believe Obama's policy have improved the economy, 28% feel his policies have worsened conditions, and 35% believe his policies have had no effect.

In a general statement on the economy 18% say the economic conditions are good, a drop of 3% since August, and  82% say the economy is in poor condition.

The recession, which started during the Bush Administration, continues to drag on after 10 months of the Obama Administration. While Obama cannot be held responsible for the beginning of this recessionary cycle, he is the current Chief Executive Officer, and as such will bear increasing responsibility for it the longer it drags on.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: CNN Politics

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