Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin on the Hannity Show

Sarah Palin has certainly received her fair share of media attention. Unfortunately for her a large share of it has been negative, most coming from the liberal government media complex and liberal blogs.

While I would be among the many who do not see her as a political heavyweight, at least not at this point in her national career, she does have potential. Many of her values are, in fact, shared by mainstream America. If you ignore the far left, who hate her, and the far right who love her, the rest of us can begin to get a pretty good idea of who she really is and what she is all about without the manipulation of political "handlers".

What absolutely astounds me is the liberal lefts constant and never ending attempt to trash her. The left does everything possible to marginalize, trivialize, and misrepresent almost everything she says or does.

If  Sarah Palin is the empty headed, super lightweight the left portrays her to be, why is the left spending so much time trying to destroy her. If it true she lacks any substance, as the left claim, people will see this and she will be political history. Simply put if they are right she will self destruct without help from them.

The only conclusion to be drawn is the left recognizes Sarah Palin's values are closer to mainstream American values than their own. They must also realize she has the potential of developing and presenting her positions and values with clarity and with strength. The left simply view  her as a threat to their agenda, thus their need to destroy her by any and all means at their disposal.

As I said in my opening statement it is not clear to me yet if Sarah Palin has the capacity and the ability to lead this nation. However, it makes no sense, at least to thinking people to close the book on that possibility should she decide to run in 2012. There will likely be a large field of candidates on the Republican side to consider. It is a good bet the stronger candidate will become the parties standard bearer. It is unfortunate that the Democratic party will likely offer up only one choice, the man currently holding the office of president.

I found Sarah Palin to be warm, sincere, candid, intelligent and worth getting a second look after watching her on Hannity last evening. Here are the clips of the full interview for those who may have missed the program.

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