Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chomsky - A Misguided Liberal View

Chomsky, while not one of my favorite intellects, does however make many valid points in this recent video. As a true independent conservative I share his understanding of the legitimate concerns tens of millions of Americans have. And I also share his belief that those concerns must be addressed by our government or we are in real and serious trouble.

Where Chomsky and your truly part is with his essentially downplaying the many valid point made by conservatives. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck et all are not fascists plotting the fascist take over of our government by fomenting dissent. While Chomsky may have not said it directly, the implication was without a doubt clear. That is politics at its worst, and once again it is coming from the socialist/statist left.

They just don't get it. Either because they choose not to, or they have been so indoctrinated by the progressive, socialist, liberal, statist educators and government media complex they have lost their ability to think independently.

Individuals (or perhaps I should say collectivists) like Chomsky will likely never understand the simple principals of; free choice, limited government, Constitutional adherence, limited taxation for the purpose of funding legitimate government business, the great potential of a truly free market to create jobs thereby increasing a nations wealth, or, that the America people if given their rightful earnings to do with what they wish would be by far better off.

The statist agenda since the early 1900, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt, and continuing every since under most US Presidents are responsible to a degree for our present situation. George W. Bush, and Barrack H. Obama may just be lest final two statist nails in our coffin.


  1. Chomsky made good points. That government is run by the few and special interests. I think we could agree on that. I don't think we would ever agree on much of what Hannity and others of his ilk say. While I don't subscibe to the calling them nazis stuff, although I do my share of labeling, the right leaning talkers have done a great job spreading propaganda that is misleading and serves the interests of the few that run republican politics.

    How come you don't have more commenters here RN? You're well spoken and know your subject.

  2. Truth 101 - I am in complete agreement with the point made with respect to government being ran by the few. This has been so for many years, and it is both prevalent in the Democratic and Republican administration.

    Additionally, large banking and financial interests, along with the federal reserve run this countries economy. Hence the rush to bail out the bank sand financial institutions deemed "to large to fail"

    Actually am not a big fan of Limbaugh, however, Beck in his book Common Sense makes , many valid and correct observations. At least in my mind. Hannity, well I agree with him and I disagree with him on any given day.

    I also agree with you that with respect to propaganda no particular party has an exclusive. I just believe after many years (in my twenties as a liberal)that the socialist/statist minded are the most guilty of the illness.

    And thanks for visiting Truth, men and women like yourself are always welcome at RN USA. To feel differently would disqualify me as the true independent conservative I represent myself as.

    Philosophical and ethical arguments are best resolved in the domain of honest discourse. And when finally parties cannot resolve differences; it is time to recognize and respect the individual and their right to disagree without personal name calling.

  3. Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh only hate the Federal Government when their ideological party is not in power, exerting it's influence and spending Trillions. When their party is out of power then the Government is the biggest threat.

  4. I don't know this true for a fact, nor will I deny its possibility.

    I, on the other hand do not hate government. I just fiercely distrust it, no matter which party in in power. Just as our founding fathers cautioned us to do.

    Thank you for visiting RN USA


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