Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama the Modern Chamberlain as He Trashes US Interests and Israel

It's worse than we expected. Our completely unqualified President has chosen to risk our national integrity, and security as a nation to further his idealized vision of "Hope and "Change." Further he has essentially turned his back on our only trusted Middle East ally, Israel. It is indeed perilous times we live in and we are being led by a naive and spineless leader.

The President spent a great deal of his time making it clear he is not G.W.Bush, (as though the world didn't already know), without mentioning his name. It goes deeper than just distancing himself from the prior administration. The President  is radically departing from prior American foreign policy that has been designed to protect our national interests and those of our allies. Mr. Obama sees the need to "globalize" (emphasis mine) our interests in the hopes that everyone will like the United States all of a sudden just because he is in charge. Think again Mr. Obama, read some history instead of the daily comics.

Rational Nation USA will give the President this, he is a super good bull shitter. I wonder how much of the nation, and the free world at large, is buying Mr. Obama's BS  so freely spread at the  United Nations today.  Mr. Obama is the Neville Chamberland of the 21st century. The world can only hope with baited breath that the horrors of the last centuries wars are not visited upon us again with greater evil and destructive force.

In the process of Mr. Obama reversing American policy on almost every issue imaginable he chose to leave Israel exposed to the wolves of the Middle East. I suspect this is either because of his personal dislike for the Jewish state or his particular love for the Muslim Palestinian butchers, or both. Whatever the case, he is leaving a time tested ally open to great peril. Which, is another reason the President could be destined to become the least trusted Executive in United State history. Another example; the defensive missile shield promised the freedom loving Poles and Czechs under the Bush administration. The President decided to scrap it no doubt because of his highly superior intellect and analysis of the world, as he see it.

Here it is again for reference, if you can stomach it.

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