Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conservative Thought from a Few Models of Conservatism

Todays past will take us  back in time. All the way back to "the father of modern conservatism" Barry Goldwater. From there we will move to the man who took Barry Goldwater's modern conservative agenda and created a modern day revolution culminating in his eventual election to the Presidency, Ronald Wilson Reagan. We will also see a clip comparing President Reagan's conservative values with a more contemporary conservative, Representative Ron Paul.

Why, you may asked would you spend time on figures of the past who are no longer with us. What could be the possible relevancy with today and it's myriad of problems. You might even say Ron Paul is just following the tired old rhetoric and worn out values of 44 and 28 years ago. For a mind focused only on the immediate present, without regard for the lessons of the past or the possibilities of the future, one could say the question is reasonable. Perhaps even understandable.

However, if one looks at the problems we face today as a nation with an open mind, much can be learned from these  individuals of intelligence and integrity. All three have held a vision of America that is consistent with the belief in individual liberty, limited government, and a capitalist system to create productivity and wealth for our nation and its people. All three held a vision consistent with that of our founding fathers and our constitution.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Ron Paul all spoke of the dangers inherent in the socialist/statist society we are rapidly approaching and have been for some time. While President Barrack Hussein Obama may arguably  be the most radical of politicians holding to the statist mindset he is not alone in moving this country in that direction. In most recent times both former Presidents Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush share in that legacy.

The following three video clips are glimpses into the minds and intelligence of  three men of conservative ideals. Had America followed their visions for the past  50 years it would be a much different nation than it is today. Many believe it would be a greater and more prosperous one.

Barry Goldwater;

Ronald Regan;

Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan comparison;

The above video clips speak volumes about what is wrong with our government today. Is it to late to change course and right our ship? Not if we the people make the decision and take the action to take OUR government back.

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