Sunday, July 19, 2009

Change and Progress - Are They Synonymous?

During this time of rapid political, economic, and governmental change, driven by the progressives in Congress and the President, we should ask ourselves the question, are all these changes good for the nation and its people? Change of course is a concept we should all embrace, for without change we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Change is good and to be desired when; it results in increasing individual liberty and responsibility, improving the human condition by advances in medical science, increases the economic independence of the individual, moves technology forward to create a more productive and prosperous society, and creates increased stability for a society and nation.

Conversely, when change results in the loss of individual liberties and an increased dependency on government, a diminishing of the human condition, a significant risk the change may negatively impact an individual’s economic independence or result in a less productive and prosperous society, create a destabilizing effect on the society or nation it is wise to exercise extreme caution. We are currently at just such a time in our nation’s history.

All change is not progress. Conversely, maintaining the status quo for the sake of comfort or out of fear is not a viable option either when problems must be solved. Our nation has many problems that need resolving and if we do not make the right choices the consequences for us, and perhaps most importantly for our children and grandchildren, could be disastrous.

This nation has millions upon millions of progressives and conservatives that love their country. Both wish their nation to succeed and prosper not only for themselves, but for their brethren as well as posterity. The difference between progressives and conservatives is not in where they ultimately want to take the nation, but rather their philosophy of how to get to the same place.

A true conservative believes that; limited government, a free market with necessary but limited government regulation and oversight, limited powers of taxation, gradual methodical change after proper due diligence, and personal responsibility for oneself and their actions is the proper course to effective workable change in our nation. Conservatives believe the private sector is best equipped to create prosperity and solve problems.

Progressives, while sharing some core values such as personal responsibility, have generally favored massive government intervention into the private sector and rapid change. Progressives believe large government is best equipped to solve the problems of our nation and most capable of insuring prosperity for the people.

Given their differences, progressives and conservatives if they LISTEN to each other, can find the most effective way to resolve our current national crisis. Finding workable and effective solutions to our shared national problems is critical. For if we fail to find the right solutions future generations will pay a crushing price.

Given this doesn’t it make sense we move with due caution and diligence. Rushing to enact legislation that is hastily thrown together and not completely understood, just to satisfy President Obama’s political agenda is one definition of insanity. An insanity we may all pay a heavy price for if he is wrong.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

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