Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Anonymous Letter

The anonymous letter below was received via email by Rational Nation USA. The sincerity of this individual's feelings for the person who is Sarah Palin is clear. The Rational Nation USA believes this individual speaks for the quiet millions who choose not to speak out.

Les Carpenter III

Rational Nation USA

Kudos to Sarah Palin!

It has been a long time since we have seen a politician with real conviction like Sarah Palin. A politician who is not married to the "political establishment". A person who is willing to stand up and defend her family and reputation against vicious attacks by the mainstream media and political enemies. A person who doesn't need czars or lobbyists to tell her what to do. A person that is a real American and can produce a birth certificate to prove it.

Palin announced Friday that she will step down as Governor of Alaska on July 26. She cited the millions in state money being spent to deal with document requests and other matters and said she has personally accumulated a $500,000 debt defending herself. Fifteen ethics complaints filed against her so far have been dismissed. And the truth is that there is nothing there to uncover. But this is what modern politics is all about - character assassination and personal destruction.

Palin was clear about the toll that ethics investigations have taken. It was costing just about $2 million of state taxpayers' dollars just to fund the staff to deal with the records requests and the like, and for her that was over the top. I think she even used the word insane in her remarks. Since she had already decided not to run for re-election as governor in 2010, staying in power as a lame-duck official would just be another dose of "politics as usual," something she campaigned against and will always oppose.

Whether Sarah Palin ever runs for political office again or not, it doesn't matter. Sarah Palin has been the most refreshing thing to hit the national political scene in a long time. Palin is not a member of the "business as usual crowd" that dominates the Washington scene. One thing that you can count on - if she does chose to run again - it will be on her terms.

It is likely that the attacks on her character, family, etc. will continue, because this is what the media and the current "blame game" politicians do. They don't know how to operate any differently. Trash talk is cheap in Washington - it works for the media and it works for the hardened politicians. Palin has always been an advocate for "real" change, contrary to Obama who uses the word "change" to camouflage tired old political policies. In the case of Obama it is Chicago style instead of New England style, but it doesn't matter what you label it, the change is phony and is basically all about big spending, big government and big taxes.

If and when the American people grow tired of the same old Washington lies, it is good to know that there is another voice out there. A voice with an inspiring message about values and promoting "real" change. A person that is willing to put family, friends and the people above political gain. A person that the Founding Fathers would look at with pride. For the misguided, that would be Obama. For those with clear vision it is none other than Sarah Palin.


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