Thursday, September 29, 2022

Life, Not Life Style Is What Matters...


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  1. A note to all you Liberals, Democratic-Socialists, and even you American Marxist’s, and Communists...,
    Let me help you wipe away your ignorance. You Sicko’s love to think that you hold the moral high ground on being the most Intelligent thinking, open minded and the most Unified, and non-discriminating people in the country, or perhaps even in the entire planet. With you Holier than Thou and your fraudulent feeling of diversity. You even label yourselves as “anti-racist”, and “United” But NOT so, in fact that is the farthest from the truth, in contrast if you look at history, you’ll find that the Left have a history of being Fascists, Lying, Racists.

    Do you remember when Spike Lee, that Outspoken Film Maker Racist’s spread his conspiracy theory during an appearance on CNN, said: "I don't put anything past the United States’ Republican Government. I don't find it too far-fetched that they tried to displace all the Black people out of New Orleans, by Flooding the City."
    Spike Lee had already stated his suspicion that the United States Government were somehow involved in the flooding.
    The left forgets so soon, and they have no qualms about their double standards.
    Do these people actually Bark at the Moon, when nobody is looking?
    Joy Behar insinuates that Hurricane Ian was retribution for Ron DeSantis’ Climate Change stance! And Whoopi Goldberg backed her up! It's hard to believe, that our entertainers are that STUPID!
    And our Phony President Biden would like us to believe as he had previously accused his predecessor Donald Trump of being a “fascist” who, if not actually another Hitler. However if you look at Biden’s last HORRIFIC, and DISGUSTING, ANIT-AMERICAN Speech you would easily see a likeness to Goebbels,” a Nazi Propaganda Minister, pounding his Fist on the podium, shouting, and slamming and spreading “Disinformation and Misinformation,”, and all that Disgusting Name Calling, Finger Pointing, with that Angry Face and Horrible Bloody Red Backdrop, with two Armed Soldiers on each side. While such Rhetoric was Outrageous, and should not be happening with ANY sitting American President, Biden’s words and policies reflected the view of the Violent left, which dominates today’s Democratic Party and the Gang of HOODLUMS that we all saw last Summer, the Summer of Hell, and Riots, Tearing Down our beloved Statues, and Looting, Burning Down Buildings, , Throwing Bricks, and Molotov Cocktails at the Police, and Burning their Patrol Cars. Even Taking Over American Cities, . One headline even agreed with Biden, stating that he was “NOT WRONG” to use the Fascist labels to describe his Opponent or Adversary. and his supporters.
    And those Cities that are run by Democratic Mayors, and Governors even agreed with Biden’s way of handling this Violence. We even saw the Vice President Kamala Harris Bailing Out those Hateful Distrustful Criminals that were Caught and Arrested. Letting the Guilty ones go absolutely FREE. Free to cause more Destruction and Hate Crimes. This must be the reason so many communities are plagued by this Domestic Violence, Crime, and even Poverty. In fact we are even seeing this happening today, with the MASS Looting in Cities like San Franco, Los Angles, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.
    We can NOT allow these people to have lifestyle of crime, This is NOT they way to get out of poverty. So we must Arrest, and Prosecute Those That Are Guilty. And we MUST put the Politicians, and the District Attorney’s in office that will follow the Law, and give Due Punishment when it is warranted.

  2. I hope you find happiness and freedom from your suffering.

    Have a pleasant day and do put aside your worries and hate. For at least a day



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