Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Following the Buddhist Path...


When the Dharma moves in you good things begin to happen. With practice inner peace, serenity, and happiness begins to grow in you and the world you live in, as well as all things in it, take on a new perspective. 

Ridding oneself of focus on self interest, often at the expense of others, and turning to compassion and love for all fellow beings has profound effects on a person. When one becomes less selfish amd more selfless the world becomes a warmer, better place for us all.

We are, in fact, all brothers and sisters. The first "human couple" is responsible for the life of every human breathing and walking today. Yes or no? 

So, seeing we all share the same "original ancestors" it should be easy to see that we are all interconnected as well as interdependent on other beings. We always have been. Even given the west's fixation on fierce individualism and self interest. 

Perhaps it's time (it's really past time) for folks in the US of A to reevaluate their priorities and turn to a path of awakening and truie enlightenment.

Sources of Enlightenment: Natural Dharma Fellowship, Tibet House, Lion's Roar, Buddhadharma, Tricycle

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