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Buddha -vs- Christ...

Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) insisted he was human and that there is no almighty, benevolent God. He preached that desire was the root cause of suffering and that people should seek to eliminate desire. He was born in present-day Nepal roughly 500 years before Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth).

Christ was born in Bethlehem in present-day Palestine. He was a Galilean Jewish Rabbi who was regarded as a teacher and healer in Judaea. Christians believe that he was the Messiah promised in the Old Testament and that he was the son of God. In fact, the Christian concept of God is a holy trinity: God (the Father), Christ (the Son) and the holy Spirit.

Comparison chart

Buddha versus Christ comparison chart
Diedc. 483 BCE (aged 80) or 411 and 400 BCE, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, today in India33 AD, Jerusalem
Bornc. 563 BCE, Lumbini, Sakya, NepalApprox. 07-04 B.C.
IslamIslam does not mention the Buddha.In Islam as opposed Christianity, Jesus was just a prophet but also revered as the messiah who will return to save the world from the tyranny of the anti-christ.
MarriageBefore he renounced his family, he was married to Yasodhara and had a son Rahula.Christ Is Married to His Church
IncarnationBuddhism believes in in reincarnation until one achieves enlightenment and "nibbana" (or "nirvana") after which one escapes the cycle of birth and death. The Buddha is believed to have attained nibbana.Affirmed in Christianity
JudaismJudaism predates Buddhism and does not discuss the Buddha.Not accepted as a prophet, the Jewish people are still waiting for a Messiah to come.
ChristianityChristianity does not mention the Buddha.Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, and Saviour the world. Jesus was the founder of Christianity.
ParentsKing Suddhodana and Queen Maya.Father: God, Mother: Mary
EthnicityIndian (Shakya)Palestinian Jew
Raised inIndiaNazareth in ancient Israel
Born inLumbini, NepalBethlehem in Judea
Birth motherQueen MayaThe Virgin Mary
Cause of deathBelieved to be either unintentional food poisoning or natural causes.Crucifixion
FatherKing ŚuddhodanaGod the Father according to Christianity
HinduismMany Hindus believe that the Buddha was a reincarnation of Vishnu, just like Krishna.N/A
BuddhismBuddhism teaches Gautama was the Enlightened One. He attained enlightenment through meditation, without the benefit of a teacher or teachings. His teachings are meant to enlighten his followers.N/A
ResurrectionNo claimedAffirmed in Christianity
LanguagePali, SanskritAramaic
MonotheismThe Buddha encouraged people to follow his teachings: the noble eightfold path. He did not teach about deities, an omnipotent God or prayer. Rather, he encouraged finding the truth yourself through meditation.God Is Father, Son(Jesus) and Holy Spirit
Religious SymbolThe wheelThe Cross, because of His Passion and Death
Religion Founded


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