Tuesday, March 2, 2021

This Nation CAN ABSOLUTELY Afford The 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill Biden Wants...


Yup, the Q-GOP had NO problem with a 2.3 trillion tax relief for the wealthy and big profitable corporations. But to hell with the folks who REALLY need relief in a BIG way.

This bill is also about keeping money flowing so people can spend money so businesses stay in business and have a fighting chance to remain PROFITABLE during this time of Covid Pandemic.

Just a suggestion for the sheeple of the Q-GOP, when the economy builds back from Covid and unemployment is down make a change and stand behind increasing taxes to bring down the national debt and balance the budget.

But we ABSOLUTLY KNOW the Q-GOP would never do anything that sensible. The last time the GOP (it was a much better party then) did something even close to resembling that level of sensibility was under Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50's. Haven't even come close to it in the last 40 years. And they never will again. UNLESS and UNTIL the rank and file get their heads out of the sand and DEMAND the party begins acting responsible again.


  1. Just proving that you are the Nazis. You can find offense in absolutely anything.
    Like Childrens Nursery Books
    You vile scum are the most intolerant motherfuckers on earth.

  2. First - Neither I, an independent that leans rational, nor ANY leftist I know are Nazis, nor do they support Nazi ideolody. But trumpers do.

    Second - Vile and intolerant is the calling card of cons and Q-GOP'ers.

    Truth and reality are the markers for the rational thinking folks. Something neither you or tRump undetstand. Which is the condition of a majority of tRump cultists.


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