Friday, January 22, 2021

To A Better, More Rational and Prosperous Future Under A Real President and :Leader...

 America has new administration in town. With new ideas to combat the multiple problems and challenges that were largely created by the administration of the previous corrupt and inept republican  president. a time of great celebration and yet a time to get down to the serious work of the peoples business.

Yet almost before the new President and Vice President have even begun we see the following from a far rightwing weblog that was (and remains) supportive of the previous president. You know the one. That orange colored dude that engaged in overt sedition and incited an insurrecting in the Capitol in which people died. That's the kind of scum that republicans' and delusional conservatives chose to support. MANY continue to support him even after his traitorous acts. 

The anti-American weblog to which I refer posted the following two days following President Biden's inauguration.

One can readily see by comparing the above with the poster posted at the rightwing cult  weblog the proprietor has doctored the poster a bit but the message is clear. 

The far rightwing anti-American sites, as well as far rightwing cons in elected office,  have ABSOLUTELY NO intention of cooperating with President Biden and his administration. EVER. Just as it was during the Obama presidency. Which BYW was a successful eight year administration of our national affairs.

The previous president is gone but the stench of his tenure and his cultists remain. And as long as América has nitwits and halfwits who follow conspiracy theories, ignore science, and support politicians who do not have their best interests at heart we will continue to be a severely fractured nation.

This weblog was founded eleven years ago as a conservative weblog with a emphasis on Objective thought. Thus Ayn Rand and her views were prominently featured. Over time it became clear that a majority of people either misunderstood Rand's philosophy or simply found it repulsively. The reason why doesn't really matter. So, this weblog moved away from the objectivist focus.

We moved away from focus on Rand and her ideology not because we suddenly disbelieved everything she espoused, but rather because we grew to understand that the practical effects of her views were largely  negative in a social sense. So, we left it for another day, another time perhaps. When America has grown less shuttered in the mind and willing to debate and civilly discuss her views honestly perhaps we will learn some valuable insights into what rational self interest really means. Until then the nation's populace best work on improving its ability and willingness to think, discuss civilly, and then act accordingly.

This nation is in crisis and we have a very long way to go to improve our environment and our current realities.

Now, with the crushing weight of the corruption of the administration of the previous president removed from the nation's collective chests we can get to work building a more perfect union and a brighter more prosperous nation for ALL.


  1. The republicans in congress and the senate, being the egregious obstructionists that they have become, are, exactly as we knew they would already acting precisely as they did during the 8 year Obama administration.

    These misguided-unthinking ham hogs are a direct threat to our republic and our Constitution. All folks who are thinking with clear heads realize the republican leadership, the republican caucus, and the majority of rank and file republicans are NOT AT ALL working for the best interests of their constituents or the nation.

  2. And marco rubio, a Cuban who continues to stand behind authoritarian rhetoric and ideals (trumpism) ought to go back to Cuba. I'm sure Castro would welcome him with open arms.

  3. And that goes double for ted cruz and his hypocritical anti-American a^s.

  4. And as for hawley? Destination Noth Korea would be appropriate for him.

  5. It is so heartening to witness President Biden, a competent and empathetic real president immediately beginning to dismantle the previous president's disasterous policies. America us back and we now stand a real chance of becoming all that we could be. But ONLY if the republicans and conservatives who supported the previous president actually gtow a brain.

  6. And it is looking more and more and more like the gutless, spineless, complicit republicans will let the corrupt previous president skate.

    Make NO mistake, these gutless principle free zombie like SOB's need to be removed when their distructive term ends. They have zero integrity, zero decency, and they ARE clear and present dangers.

    Vote the BAST^RDS out! Better yet, RECALL the SOB's.


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