Thursday, January 21, 2021

Here's Your Problem America... Do You Have The Balls To Fix It?

 America was badly tarnished and damaged by the previous pretend president who used the office as his personal highway to personal benefit. IOW, the previous pretend president did not and never did give so much as a thought about anybody's welfare but his own.

The previous pretend president is gone. Halleluiah! Trial in the Senate and hopefully ultimate conviction awaits the previous pretend insurrectionist president.

But America's BIGGEST problem is not the previous pretend president. It is Mitch McConnell and the un American senators (and here I use the term very loosely) who continue to support the previous pretend insurrectionist president.

President Biden and Vice President Harris can't do it alone. They need every patriotic American who loves their country to stand up and call, or write your Senators demanding they proceed to trial immediately and when the evidence shows the previous pretend president was engaged in insurrection (and it absolutely will) demand that they convict and prevent him from ever serving in any federal office ever again. PERIOD.

On to the featured article...

(CNN) - A faction of Senate Republicans has a warning for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: Stick with former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial.

McConnell, who is the longest-serving Senate Republican leader in history, has long had strong support within the Senate GOP Conference. But some say if the GOP leader votes to convict Trump, his backing will quickly wane.
"If he does, I don't know if he can stay as leader," said one senior GOP senator who said several of his colleagues held similar views and asked not to be named discussing sensitive internal politics.
Other GOP senators were equally as blunt.

"No, no, no," Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican and Trump ally, told CNN when asked if he could support McConnell if he voted to convict Trump, calling such a vote a "dangerous precedent" and adding: "I don't even think we should be having a trial."

Your choice? Get rid of these knuckle dragging anti Americans or face other and potentially worse acts of sedition and insurrection in the future. The choice is yours.

Its on you Patristic Americans. Take action and make it HAPPEN!

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