Sunday, November 29, 2020

There Are A Few Decent Republicans After All... Georgia Must Flip Its Senate Seats Democratic To Give President Elect Biden A Governing Majority...;


‘I’m Sick Of It’: GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman Unloads On Republican Colleagues, Trump

Damn! Finally a GOP representative with some cajones! This republican is but one of 10 republicans in the house with the cajones to speak truth to the Orange Turd's lies and and accept openly the absolute reality that ALL thinking folks KNOW to be the truth. That President Elect Biden won BIGLY hands down and there was ABSOLUTELY no fraud that would change the election outcome, a Biden shellacking of the Orange Turd.

And now what Georgia needs to do is FLIP the Georgia senate seats, both of them, to the left side of the senate aisle, This will give President Elect Biden a strong governing majority and allow him to actually accomplish that which this nation actually wants done. The only goddamn way this nation is going to be able to right the ship of state is to render the looneys of the Orange Turd wing of the GOP totally without any power. The bastards are nothing but pure evil incarnate,


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