Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Premier Fake News Outlets That Are Now Leading The Trumpian Sheeple Down The Road To Their Alternate Reality...



These looney tunes are either high on crack cocaine or they are simply without any ability to recognize truth from fiction. Nor do they care to recognize the difference. For these yahoos the only thing that is true is whatever hallucinations they are experiencing at any given moment. 


  1. The OAN group is so loose with reality and strong on the WYD style "False Facts" that even You Tube suspended them for misinformation regarding Covid.

    1. OAN is such a goddamn conspiracy theory BS fake news network it is no wonder it is djt's new go to network. This OAN is not anywhere near legitimate news. Only the self deluded trumpers buy this networks sh*t. And I thought Newsmax was the only network as bad as Alex Jones' screeching bullsh*t news.


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