Republicans - Party Of Dishonesty And Authoritarianism...

At one time the republican party was a party of ideas, pro business, balanced budgets and controlled sustainable national debt levels, strong defense and respected diplomacy, honesty and decency. 

A party that believed in the rule of law. One who stood for democracy and our democratic republic. A party that perserved and protected the Constitution of the United States of America.

Something changed about 20 years ago. It started with the election of GWB. The party, while still maintaining some characteristic of its former self became less honest, more autocratic and authoritarian. It also thought little of the constraints on torture during times of war with our perceived adversaries. We became less free as well with the development of the Homeland Security and TSA.

Then America elected America's first president of color and the republican party in a racist hissy fit refused to cooperate with the duly elected pesident of the opposing party. In fact they vowed in secret meetings that they would work to make President Obama, the last real president of the nation, a one term president. When President Obama was reelected the republican party actually (although unofficially) became the rethuglian party.

Then entered djt, arguably the nation's least qualified, least effective, and most dishonest  authoritarian minded president in our 244 year history. The once respected republican party became nothing but a party of adoring sycophants, cultists, liars, and conspiracy theorists. Any hope of recovering vanished the moment the party chose to becomne the party of personality rather than being a party that resected the rule of law, honesty, integrity, and decency. In other words it officially became the party of djt. Lock, stock, and barrell. The party of cultism and the rule of personality. djt's personality.

So we are where we are today. Our democratic republic and democracy itself under attack from its president and one of its major political parties (the rethuglicans). Let us hope for the sake of our children and grandchildren that the party either reforms or dies. Before it kills our country and everything it has until now always stood for.

The follwing video from The Lincoln Project is outstanding as it tells the truth about the Party of Trump.


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