Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Our Job Is Not Done... djt Sycophants Also MUST Go To Preserve, Protect, and Defend Our Constitution And Its Principles...

 Having pledgd money to defeat djt, the worst president in our nation's 244 year history, I recently receceived the following letter from The Lincoln ProjectAs no doubt did 10's of thousands of other real patriotic Americans who helped defeat the narcissist in chief, djt.

The short letter lays out the truth of the djt administration and the challenges that will exist even after the architect of Trumpism is long gone from the office he never should have held in the first place. Like all letters of its kind it gets around to askng for a pledge to support the efforts to unseat the authoritarian anti Americans who supported and enabled djt to begin the dismantling of the democratic republic us real Americans hold dear.

I know I'll be continuing to support efforts by real republicans and real Americans to help insure the future defeat of all the sycophants and cultists in the congress that supported and enabled the distructive and anti democratic urges of the authoritarian djt administration.I hoe you'll consider a small donation too.

On to the letter... 

 It's a Republic, if you can keep it, Les


The framers of our Constitution designed a system of checks and balances with three coequal branches of government, empowered to reign in the most reactionary and radical ebbs and flows of popular opinion, and to secure the fundamental, inalienable rights of all Americans.

The survival of our Republic as it was conceived is dependent on each branch of government remaining disciplined and independent of one another, and remaining loyal only to the Constitution and the American people—not to a party, nor, especially, to one man.

The U.S. Senate, the upper chamber of the legislative branch, was once touted as "the world's greatest deliberative body." And throughout our history, there have certainly been times that were true.

But the current Republican Senate majority's loyalty to the American people and the Constitution has been replaced by absolutist partisanship, a zero-sum, no holds barred political calculus, and allegiance to a party led by a deranged, unhinged, immoral narcissist.

This allegiance to power and partisanship over the needs and interests of the American people, and the illiberal, nativist populism Trump espouses, is Trumpism.

But, while Donald Trump will leave the White House in a matter of weeks, Trumpism has proven to be a persistent, pernicious force that will not so easily be removed.

Donald Trump brought our nation to the precipice of calamity—a cliff we are only beginning to slowly inch back from—and he did so with support, guidance, and counsel from sycophants who encouraged and enabled his worst ideas and instincts.

We must hold accountable those in power who, at the very least, did nothing to prevent Donald Trump's desecration of our nation's highest office and revered institutions.

We now know the names of those who cannot be counted on to hold truth to power, put country over party, and defend the Republic.

Therefore, we must defeat them.


All of them.

Our mission is far from over, Les, but we're honored to have you with us in the most important fight of our lifetimes.

— Reed


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