Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Not At All Suprising...

trump and his sycophants continue to lie as they pursue their attemps to delegitimize the most secure election in our history. In fact these un American individuals are collectively trying to delegitimize democracy itself.

If the anti Americans supporting trump and trumpism succeed we will be no better than any other Banana Republic on the planet. And the illegitimate minority in American will have won.

 VICE Georgia’s Republican secretary of state has had enough of President Trump’s lies about voting integrity.

After a week of attacks from Trump and his allies claiming his apparent loss in Georgia was due to voting irregularities, Brad Raffensperger fired back Sunday night, writing a series of Facebook posts knocking back the claims and taking a swipe at Rep. Doug Collins, a top Trump deputy.

In one particularly pointed post, Raffensperger defended the state’s process of matching absentee vote signatures before swinging at Collins, who was tasked with leading Trump’s post-election efforts in the state after he lost a Senate bid two weeks ago. 

 “Failed candidate Doug Collins is a liar— but what’s new?”  Raffensperger wrote.

 That was just one of many broadsides Raffensperger leveled at Trump and his erstwhile Republican colleagues, who have tried to scapegoat him for Trump’s upset in the state while lobbing lies about Georgia’s voting system and accusing him of trying to cover up fraud. Raffensperger has been the target of increasingly heated, and increasingly baseless, attacks from Trump and his allies over whether Georgia’s election was properly run, after Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate in nearly three decades to lose the state.

 One of Trump’s favorite new conspiracy theories is that Dominion Voting Systems, the U.S.-based company that built the new voting machines used in Georgia this election, somehow deleted millions of votes from Trump. That claim, which originated on QAnon message boards, tries to link Dominion with the Clinton Global Initiative.

 “American owned. America. ‘Merica. Not Venezuela. #America,” Raffensperger wrote along with a post linking to a BuzzFeed story headlined “The President Tweeted Something Bad Again” that debunked Trump’s lies.

 Raffensperger linked to other news articles, including an Associated Press fact-check headlined “Trump Wrong on Georgia voter signature checks.”

And he shut down the false claim that Georgia allows ballot harvesting, in which activists can collect ballots rather than have people turn them in themselves. The process is illegal in Georgia.

 “Truth matters. Integrity matters,” he declared.

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  1. RN... this is the FreeThinke and other sock puppeteers preferred method of maintaining power. These are the folks who said "screw the libs, F the libtards and do whatever it takes to exile them to the ash heaps of history."

    Faced with the fact that a majority of the American people do not support, want or desire to see their policies, or methods of governing in the United States, they [the current iteration of the GOP] have resorted to essentially sedition. They are clogging the courts with frivolous, no evidence appeals to the judiciary to intercede in an activistic way that a short time ago, they decried. They are actively working to cripple an incoming president by not allowing him access to legally prescribed transition resources. And they are turning on their own if they do not bend, break and snap the law to their wants and wishes.

    The way stuff is happening in Georgia, was agreed to before the election by BOTH parties and a compact was signed to that accord. According to people in Georgia, the recount is progressing along that path, the one prescribed by the bipartisan GOP/GOP agreement.

    The real question is in light of all this, how should we now see the GOP?

    1. 4 years ago I was predicting to those who know me exactly what we are seeing RIGHT NOW. Certainly I was not the only one who must have saw this coming but here we are. If my wife would consider moving to another western democracy (she won't - I've already asked her) I would be on the hunt this very moment to identify the most liberal, most free, and most democratic of the western democracies and that is where I would move to. This natiion, if it does not wake up, will be a Banana Republic in 25-50 years. Frankkly I want no part of it.


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