As trump Pouts And Flails The Country Prepares To Move On...

As trump continues to see his frivilous and fraudulant claims of voter fraud disapate everywhere, including the courts, he continus his childlike petulant behavior as he holes up in the White House bunker.

As President Elect Biden prepares for his transition to power as best he can given trump inposed idiocy over non existant voter fraud the intelligent rationally thinking  people of this nation are preparing to move on. On to a bigger, better, and decidedly improved and honest administration.

Onward and upwards as we leave the corrupt narcissitic liar-in-chief in the rear view mirror and the dust heap of history.

(CNN)President Donald Trump flexed the power of his office Tuesday to tarnish America's free and fair election, sacking the official who declared the vote the most secure in US history, even as more of his false claims of massive fraud were exposed as baseless in court.

The revenge firing, the President's latest assault against the infrastructure of US democracy, comes as he refuses to accept his defeat and to begin the process of transitioning power to President-elect Joe Biden -- an impasse that is especially dangerous amid a worsening pandemic.

Trump wrote that he terminated Chris Krebs, a senior Department of Homeland Security official, for contradicting his own baseless allegations of irregularities. The President, his campaign and political allies have made multiple efforts, which started well before the election, to falsely argue that he was cheated out of a second term. His effort appears motivated by a desire to explain away his clear defeat by the former vice president but is also part of a pattern of behavior designed to discredit Biden's presidency and to enshrine national divides that he consciously widened as a tool of power.

In other apparent attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of the election -- unprecedented in modern history -- Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham was embroiled in a controversy after calling election officials in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia -- three key states won by Biden -- to question them on procedures for mail-in ballots, which generally favored Biden. And two Republicans broke with tradition in Michigan, another state where the Democratic nominee triumphed, in temporarily blocking the certification of the election in Wayne County, where Biden beat the President. Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, later told CNN's Chris Cuomo that the officials relented and agreed to certify the vote.

The latest maneuvers by Trump and his allies came as more of the President's long-shot legal challenges and threadbare cases alleging election fraud were exposed in the courts.

The President's latest Hail Mary attempt to overturn the election result in one of the multiple states won by Biden came unstuck, this time in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The Keystone State's top bench ruled that there was nothing in state law requiring ballot observers to stand within six feet of vote counts as the Trump campaign had argued. The decision undercuts the President's claim his supporters were unfairly discriminated against and that therefore the results in Pennsylvania, where Biden won by tens of thousands of votes, should be ruled invalid.

In a separate Pennsylvania case, Trump's lawyer Rudolph Giuliani stepped in to lead a chaotic legal effort trying to prove that Democrats committed election fraud over absentee ballots. Other judges have previously rejected such claims.

nother of Trump's all but non-existent openings to change the election result championed by conservative media also appeared to be closing.

An election audit in Georgia was expected to finish by Wednesday ahead of the official certification of the ballot on Friday. Officials said the results were largely tracking original tallies that handed victory to Biden, further tarnishing Trump's claims of widespread fraud.

As more and more states begin to certify their election results in the coming days, the already minuscule rationale for Trump and the White House to perpetuate the fiction that he won a second term will further recede.

There are so far no signs that Republican state legislators in some key states are ready to fulfill the hopes of some conservative pundits that they will disregard the will of voters and select pro-Trump delegations to the Electoral College.

Trump's setbacks in his struggles to overturn the results comes as he has all but retreated from public view.

CNN's White House team reported on Tuesday that the increasingly reclusive commander in chief -- who once couldn't bear to cede the limelight -- is locked in a "bunker mentality."

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