Another Woo Hoo Religious Wingnut!... Lucifer Id\s Certainly Working His Evil In The Rethyuglican Party... LOL!!


Michele Bachmann: God’s “Iron Rod” Must “Smash the Delusion” That Joe Biden Won

Is there there is doubt that these delusional wingnuts ought to be in intense psychological counselling? One has to question how these folks are even able to function in their daily lives with those little voices in their heads constantly talking to them.

In the fevered minds of these folks up is down, down is up, truth is a lie, and falsehoods are gospel. Truly these Americans really struggle with simple cognition. They are the folks that will be responsible for the destruction of our democratic republic if it ever happens. 

Folks like MB are every bit as radicalized as the Muslims they choose to hate. And they are EVERY bit as dangerous. Make no mistake about it. The reality is these people would be perfectly hppy living in a tyrannical theocracy. Which is why the pray for god to intervene in a free, fair, and legitimate democratic election to install trunp as Dictator of the USA.


On to the linkes article...

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who said just last week that Donald Trump would win the presidency because God already called it in Heaven, is now asking God to stop making people think Joe Biden actually won the race.

Apparently God can do anything… except win a presidential race.

I ask o God, that you would take your iron rod, and I ask that You would smash the clay jar of deceit in America, smash the clay jar of delusion in the United States of America. Smash the delusion, Father, of Joe Biden as our president. He is not! Would you take your iron rod and smash the strong delusion that Nancy Pelosi does have her House of Representatives? We don’t know that! Smash it in Jesus’ name! Smash, Lord, the takeover of the U.S. Senate by Chuck Schumer. Lord, smash it with your iron rod!

As many people have noted, it’s bad enough that we’ll have QAnon supporters in the next Congress, but delusional Republicans who speak nonsense is nothing new. Bachmann is a perfect example of it.

Just to be clear: Biden won the election decisively. Pelosi won the House even if her majority is smaller than before. And Schumer has a couple big victories separating him from Senate leadership, but if that happens, it won’t be a “takeover.” It’ll be democracy in action.

Bachmann isn’t interested in living in a democracy. She wants a Christian theocracy where all conspiracies are considered true and where anyone questioning them are deemed heretics. She may be gone, but the Republican Party still embraces that mentality.


Via: FriendlyAtheist


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