A Vindictive and Vengeful president Again Shows His True Colors... The Character Of A Badly Damaged Psyche...


Trump threatens to wreak havoc on GOP from beyond the White House

His attacks on Republican governors since his loss offer a sample of what's in store.

Why is this no suprize at all? djt is a vindictive vengeful and narcissistic little "man" who will seek and then exact revenge on all those who actually had the cajones to stand up and speak truth to power. A truly despicable and evil little "man".

Excerpt from article...

Trump’s attacks on Govs. Brian Kemp of Georgia and Mike DeWine Ohio — both of whom are up for reelection in 2022 — has led to broader concerns within the party that he will use his post-presidency to exact revenge on perceived enemies and insert himself into races in ways that are not helpful.

While the 2022 midterm elections are a ways off, the president’s broadsides are giving fuel to would-be primary challengers in both states — raising the prospect that Republicans will be forced into ugly and expensive nomination fights that could jeopardize their hold on the two governors’ mansions.

Trump’s intrusions into Georgia and Ohio provide an early test case for how he might use his stranglehold on the conservative base to control the party long after he leaves the White House. Never mind that Trump will no longer be in power: Cross him, and you will pay.

The president’s jabs at Govs. Kemp and DeWine could invite primaries, and that’s exactly the chatter he wants to start,” said Republican strategist Mike DuHaime, who oversaw Chris Christie’s successful New Jersey gubernatorial campaigns.

"The power the president holds over elected Republicans is due to his strength among GOP primary voters in every state and district right now. He may be able to make or break candidates in GOP primaries for years to come,” added DuHaime, who formerly served as a senior adviser to the Republican Governors Association.

Trump lashed out at DeWine after the governor’s appearance on CNN on Nov. 15, when the Ohio Republican called Joe Biden the president-elect and said that for “the country’s sake it’s important for a normal transition to start.”

Trump responded on Twitter, writing: “Who will be running for Governor of the Great State of Ohio? Will be hotly contested!”

“In the short term, President Trump’s attacks on these governors serves his interest in casting doubt on the election results. But if it invites serious primary challengers, it could hurt Republicans in the long run and drain valuable resources that would be used for a general election.”

 Jon Thompson, former top RGA official

Ayup folks. djt and Trumpism is going to be around a damn long time and the country will remain in peril until this raving maniacal narcissist is finally sidelined. Since approximately 72 million Americans apparently like, or at the very least accept his brand of dishonesty, racism, misogny, and immorallity we're in for a long very dark slog baclk to complete sanity and reasoned political thought.

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