Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Flailing president And His Failed Presidency...

 As djt continues to do everything possible to destroy the framework on which our democratic republic has stood for 244 years... It is time he goes and it is past time he is prosecuted for the egregiously desructive bullsh*t he has engaged in for four very long years.

Trump’s Embarrassingly Bad Legal Case in Pennsylvania

No wonder his campaign kept swapping out its lawyers.

On Saturday, a federal district court judge issued a blistering dismissal of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. v. Kathy Boockvar. The opinion is a lesson in elementary lawyering—a once-in-a-career missive that I assigned to my first-year law students on Monday, because it reads like a toddler’s “What’s Wrong With This Picture” exercise for lawyers. No wonder that Chris Christie, who was a U.S. attorney before he was New Jersey’s governor, called Trump’s legal team a “national embarrassment” in the wake of its dozens of legal failures. The more sobering problem is that, like much of government touched by Donald Trump, the legal system has now been sullied by his spurious attacks—relying on tortured arguments and illusory facts—upon legitimately cast and counted votes. Too bad that—so far—no lawyers have been sanctioned for abusing the courts this way. They should be.

Let’s start with some Lawyering 101. In order to bring a valid civil lawsuit, a plaintiff needs two things in hand: a law that authorizes certain relief from a court if a set of facts is ultimately proven, and some preliminary facts that have been gathered in good faith to justify proceeding with the case. Without supporting law or facts, not only will a court dismiss the lawsuit, but the lawyer, the law firm, and the client can be sanctioned for initiating the bogus case in the first place. The Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania effort lacked these basics. Someone should be held accountable.

It  bears repeating - Without supporting law or facts, not only will a court dismiss the lawsuit, but the lawyer, the law firm, and the client can be sanctioned for initiating the bogus case in the first place.

Damn straight! And it should be done ASAP. Both djt and his "legal teams" are an embarrassing joke.

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  1. I hope you and your family had a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving. I left this piece by Conservative David Brooks at Dervish’s blog. It’s a good explanation of why Trump cultists cling to their crazy conspiracy theories:

    “For those awash in anxiety and alienation, who feel that everything is spinning out of control, conspiracy theories are extremely effective emotional tools. For those in low status groups, they provide a sense of superiority: I possess important information most people do not have. For those who feel powerless, they provide agency: I have the power to reject “experts” and expose hidden cabals. As Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School points out, they provide liberation: If I imagine my foes are completely malevolent, then I can use any tactic I want.”

    1. We had a very quiet peaceful Thanksgiving. We gave thanks that we're smart enough not to be trumpers and celebrated that the Giant Orange Turd is very soon to be history. We hope that the egregious damage djt has inflicted on our body politic is not permanent.

      As we brace for perhaps the worst winter of death and suffering in our lifetimes. Compliment of Dotard donnie the globes bigest narcissist and con man.

    2. Hope yours was most pleasant as well Shaw.

  2. Shaw... your sharing of the Sunstein comment hits anail on the head and needs to be highlighted...

    " If I imagine my foes are completely malevolent, then I can use any tactic I want.”

    This is essentially the by any means necessary defense.

    For those of us familiar with the HMS Mothership crowd, AOW, WYD and Freethinke/Franco, you know that many, though not all, on those pages are firm believers in this line of behavior and belief. It's why they feel they can freely call us names, unAmerican, impugn motives, knowingly publish falsehoods [false and alternative facts], and more, all the while claiming some sort of spiritual justification.

    It's the "All's fair in War" belief and for them, this is indeed war. Against what they see as an insidious enemy.

    Sadly, while the tactics may be different, many on the left feel the same way. But at least they don't try and justify it with some false spiritual goodness.

    Like the proverbial holiday dinner, I feel that unless something dramatically changes, our goose is cooked.

    To everyone, we really no longer have opponents, we only have enemies.

  3. And Friday Trump lost another case before the PA Supreme Court.

    Now here's the issue for the special people supporting Trump. You can't allege a crime, or fraud, without proof. As numerous judges have pointed out, at some point you have to show some evidence of a crime. Simply having a batch of affidavits is not proof. Those are accusations.

    Again, these clowns are literally saying that Republican Secs of State around the country, who have certified the election as free, fair, accurate and without fraud, are lying, or too stupid to know better. What they are saying is that the Trump Admin, which declared this election the cleanest election in history is also wrong, or lying.

    Just because you feel deep inside you something may be true does not make it true.

    Facts folks. Real facts. Not the "False facts" of WYD, not the "Your facts/Our facts" of Rudy Giuliani or the "Alternative Facts" of Kellyanne Conway.

    Real, verifiable facts.

    1. Dave, in trumplandia, the land of alternative realities and delusions anything the cult leader djt says is truth and light. Even when its not and it is evil.


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