Be A Good Person First...


 We've seen up close and personal what the polar opposite of a good person in the presidency results in. And as most know it ain't pretty. 



  1. That's right. Foolish me. Things have changed in America. Being a good decent moral individual is no longer considered desirable character by nearly 1/2 of the loulace. We owe it all to trump and trumpism. So much for lofty ideals and integrity.


  2. Ducky, Lester “National POS”, Shaw, Dog-face Dervish Sanders, Dave “Pancho” Miller, and all the Other pieces of Leftist dogshit. People see you People for the kooks you are!

    1. Thank you Anonymous. I can't speak for the others but I consider your comment a compliment coming from the likes of you or your conservaturd friends. So, you have a pleasant day and enjoy your delusions and hypocricy.

  3. Terrible example of a human being, childish braggart, scheming bully,
    ignorant loudmouth-good example of a person to leave out of a will and
    a worse leader than Idi Amin. What's not to like? From the cradle of
    liberty to a Banana Republic in one easy election..and his followers
    continue to crawl and admire from the slime. Small wonder they remain

    1. Indeed BB Idaho. It is a goddamn gut wrenching shame what the republican/conservative/evangelical extremists have brought this nation to. Hopefully the political band is stretched so far to the right it violently recoils in November 2020 and the bastards are kicked out of office and the GOP collapes. The hypocritical sons of bitches deserve to see their party of evil destroyed. PERMANENTLY.


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