Another True Conservative Encouraging Americans To Vote Biden 2020...

Given that Trump's campaign is imploding under horrible direction, the surging cnronavivius pandemic Trump has totally mismanaged nationaly, the fascist removal of innocents from our streets by federal thugs, Trump's support for white supremacists and the traitorous confederate monuments, combined with so much more that is both negative and un-American, chances are good and increasing Trump is destined to be a BIG loser and a failed one term POTUS.

July 27th, 2020 - The Lincoln Project released a new video today, “Conservative,” the second to feature former Navy SEAL Dan Barkhuff calling for conservatives to vote for Joe Biden.

Barkhuff, first featured in The Lincoln Project’s “Betrayed,” returns to remind Republicans that Biden will conserve the cornerstones of our nation — the rule of law, the American Dream, and the tenets laid out in our Constitution.

“President Trump is lost. He’s lashing out, and has resorted to displays of force in American cities to fire up his base,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. He continued, “While Donald Trump thinks federal thugs harassing peaceful American citizens makes him look strong, all we see is weakness.”

All Americans must be vigilant in protecting the rights that Donald Trump seeks to destroy. He knows his days are numbered and, as we approach November 3rd, his attacks will become even more aggressive.


  1. RN... you and I don't agree on everything. However, like you I am mostly fiscally conservative and socially progressive. Like many, I fret over how we will ever pay off the national debt. And yet, I want us to have a way to help those in our country who need help.

    I appreciate the former members of the GOP who are going on record everyday saying that DJT is not their guy. In a sane year, they'd never vote for a Dem, any Dem. But this year, what they are saying is this... the risk to our country is simply too large. And in that, they are saying this year, for what they believe is the good of America, they will vote Dem. So that there will be another day when they can fight for the values they believe in, that sadly, Trump rejects daily.

    1. Yes Dave, as a manager most of my adult life I have long been a responsible fiscal conservative. On the social level I'm a liberal libertatian that is concerned about helping those adversly affected economically through no fault of their own.

      Trump, in the final analysis is his very own worst enemy. I just listen to a 70 year old lifelong conservative that said he agrees with about 80% of Trump's ideas. But he is voting Biden in November. He is concerned about our democratc republic under Trump and he is not comfortable with Trump's indecency and lack of respect for so many others.

      Trump looks as if he is becoming the best advertisment for voting against Trump in November.


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