Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Our Corrupt AG & President...

A federal prosecutor is expected to tell House lawmakers Wednesday that the senior-most Justice Department officials pressured government lawyers in Roger Stone’s criminal trial to treat him “differently and more leniently” during his trial, “based on political considerations” and “because of his relationship with the President.”
Aaron Zelinsky, an assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland who previously served on former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team, is one of two current Justice Department employees expected to tell the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William P. Barr ordered agency officials to pursue politically motivated investigations and court motions, in deference to President Trump and his own preferred policies.
According to a copy of his prepared remarks, Zelinsky plans to testify that prosecutors experienced “heavy pressure from the highest levels of the Department of Justice to cut Stone a break,” and request a lighter sentence he characterized as “virtually unprecedented.” Zelinsky formally objected to the “significant pressure” placed on line prosecutors “to water down and in some cases outright distort events” that led to Stone’s prosecution, activity he called unethical. His objections, Zelinsky intends to say, went unheeded, and he ultimately resigned from the case.
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Trump ran on draining the swamp. Instead he created a cesspool of corruption.
The Orange Dude MUST GO! - VOTE Vice President Joseph Biden 2020!!


  1. RN... if you venture over to the fever swamps, you learn where the more conservative extreme folks are at. Everything we see in the Justice Dept, they love. Because in large part, they love the rule of law, except when it is used to bring change they do not want.

    They opposed Brown v Topeka which integrated schools. Saying it was judicial action. It was law.
    They opposed the Civil Rights law. Calling it intrusion, in GOP Senator Rand Paul's words.
    They are angry at the recent DACA ruling, even though 8 of 9 justices said DACA would have ended if the Admin had ended the program in accordance with the law.

    And on and on it goes.

    The law, correctly applied has been used to dismantle the systems that have held sway over "their" America for years. Liberals learned, as Thurgood Marshall demonstrated, how to use the law to force government to do the right thing. The legal thing.

    You are generally right... our generation will have to die for us to rid the country of the number of people holding those views.


    1. It is very sad Dave. Had I realized 40 years ago what conservative philosophy and the republican party would eventually morph into, a quasi fascist party, I would have never aligned myself with that party/political ideology. All political parties and ideologies covet power and seek to dain and maintain it. It is natural and, undestandable. I have no problem with this really as LONG as the interests of the PEOPLE who elected them are actually served and they hold to the LAWS that are there to protect the interests of the MAJORITY of the people. WITHOUT infringing on the legitimate legal rights of the minority.

      At 68 years young I have accepted I likely will never see the day when society in TOTAL accepts, embraces, and celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of ALL of our brothers and sisters.

      I hope our grandchildren will.

  2. Pete The ProfessorFri Jun 26, 11:48:00 AM EDT

    Sleepy, Nutty Joe Biden MUST GO! - VOTE Gor President Donald J. Trump in 2020!!

    1. You're entitled to your opinion.

      Have a pleasant Trump coronavirus surge, coming your way SOON. If it isn't already there.

  3. Every time I hear any progressive socialist democrat politicians speak of governing in the name of the people, I can’t help but think that what they mean is vote for the Disruption, and for the Destruction of America

    1. Of course you're FOS TOM. Bur, if you wish to offer some credible documenred dara on your fallacious premise I'd be happy to read it.

      But of course I know you'll provide a big fat zero. Because there is nothing actually supporting your premise other than ideological hyperbole.

  4. What a peculiar political base: Evangelicals, Russia and the Clueless in red hats..
    ..the Holy, the Commies and the 'get the government out of guns and onto abortion
    conglomeration. Not much in common, except adoration of an unfit leader.


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