Thursday, June 18, 2020

America's Top Goon To Hold Political Rally As Covid-19 Cases Spike...

Another spot on ad spot from The Lincoln Project. America needs fewer anti science and anti fact trumpers who couldn't care less about their fellow Americans and more who put their faith and trust in science and facts. 
Skip the rally and protect others as well as yourself.

“Trump’s decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the weekend of Juneteenth and in the location of the worst race massacre in American history tells voters all they need to know about him. In a time of multiple crises, Donald Trump has further divided and incited Americans rather than bring us together,” said Stuart Stevens, senior advisor to The Lincoln Project. “It’s a shame that this president has decided, once again, that stroking his own ego is more important than serving the nation.”
“Trump is the largest superspreader of division and hatred we’ve seen in generations,” said John Weaver, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.


  1. I'm thinking John Bolton won't be there.

  2. So now with the Police force abolished, we will be one step closer to a Communist nation. This is exactly what that skinny puppet faggot with the elephant ears was talking about when he told us about "fundamental change". If you believe obozo made anything about this country better, then you are as stupid as he was

    1. Thanks Unkown. Your lack of depth in analytical pursuits is exceeded only by your abject stupidity.

      Go back to your favorite rightwing trumpista sh*thole. You'll be a real star with the troglydytes there.

      BTW, this comment WILL be the last time a comment of yours stands.

      Buh bye!!

  3. BB... speaking of Bolton, what should we make of him? When he had a chance to potentially make a difference, he kept quiet, either to play both sides, or to make money. Let's make sure we don't venerate the guy.

    On Tulsa, I would just ask the president why he chose that spot to open his campaign. Why Tulsa. Why would a president, who struggles with minorities, go to a site of the worst massacre of black people in our history, to make a political speech that, if our experiences are any guide at all, will fail to connect with the emotions of the black people of that area marking Juneteenth?

    1. I'm no Bolton fan. But he is one of the couple dozen fairly competent administration
      hand picked people Trump fired. To a person they have had nothing to say but bad
      things about their former boss. He cannot tolerate competence, whether he sees it
      as competition (heh) or gets bored with their logic and rationality. Hence, he turns
      more and more to the incompetent community. It seems that that bunch would be big
      on the Lincoln Project. Bolton said outright Trump was unfit to be president and
      maybe the GOP minions will start to get a clue..(Cuz his Babbling Baby Balloon Bloc
      continues to Tulsa next, I guess.

  4. @ Dave - For me the simple question is, Is Bolton's account truthful? Bolton, while his positions I often disagreed with, there is no reason to believe Bolton is lying. His reputation is that of a competent and respected administrator. I believe Bolton over the well known liar trump.

    Perhaps the timing of the book release was intentional. To possibly help open the eyes of some and result in some folks who otherwise might have voted trump (the smart ones) changing their minds and NOT votin for Dotard donnie. I can hope that's the case anyway.

  5. On Sat morning, news says 6 members of the Trump Campaign team have tested positive for Covid-19, as the daily toll for the virus in the states rose to over 30,000 for the first time in 7 weeks.

    Wasn't it just a couple of days ago that VP Pence was talking about the incredible leadership of President Trump that was reducing the daily toll to 20,000?

    These guys are clueless. I suspect, but hope I am wrong, that the rally today is going to be a disaster to many of his supporters.

    1. Yup Dave. I'll say this. The people attending tha rally are responsible for themselves. I call it personal responsibility. So, regardless of the absolute cluelessness of the entire Dotard donnie Team tmhose folks are KNOWINGLY tempting fate. For that reason I shall not feel sorry for those who contract the virus. Nobody is forcing them to go.

      I will also venture this, If Dotard donnie contracts the virus and croaks I WILL consider that Poetic Justice.

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  7. Watched 10 minutes of the Covid-19 superspreader tRump Tulsa Oklahoma rally. Had to shut it off because I couldn't take his lies and he was making me embarrassed to be an American.

  8. "I have decided to cut back testing: testing causes more cases". I'm sure the medical
    colleges will take note, reduce colonoscopies and make colon cancer go down. The
    clown in charge of the WH funny farm was furious with staff that released top secret
    information "6 campaign aides tested positive for coronavirus". His style is that of
    the micromanager, but far worse- microMISmanager! Even Scaramucci has joined the
    Lincoln Project and Carl Bernstein opines the Creep In Chief as both physically and
    mentally unwell.....

    1. I have been closely observing him. His gait is slow and tentative. His expressions appear confused, angry, or clueless. His temperament is more combative and unhinged. And so I would agree with Carl Bernstein. Dotard donnie is neither well physically or emotionally.


  9. Did I mention that
    Rational Nation USA. Sucks Big Time!

  10. And ME, your inability to enter into a serious conversation speaks volumes about why America is struggling. The founding fathers might have been correct. Letting uneducated people like you vote, people who cannot cogently express a thought without resorting to crass language, indeed might be the death of us.

  11. But I got my point across


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