Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ain't This Quite Something? A Black Women Promoting Institutionalized Systemic Racism...

Conservative Candace Owens Promotes White Supremacy For Fun And Profit

Perverse Pundit: Controversial conservative Candace Owens gets paid to say what white supremacists want to hear.
The fact that the racist propaganda is coming out of the mouth of a pretty black woman only makes it sweeter for her twisted supporters.
Currently Owens is making headlines after smearing George Floyd, the black man who was recently murdered by police in Minnesota, sparking days of international protest against police brutality under the flag of Black Lives Matter.
Speaking about Floyd on a widely shared viral video, Owens smears the dead man, while berating the entire black community for catering to “the bottom denominator of our society.”  
In her video, Owens describes Floyd as “a horrible human being,” while declaring:
We cater to the bottom denominator of our society. We are the only community that will get outraged and up and organized and picket and protest to defend the bottom denominator of our community, meaning criminals, burglars, robbers, criminals, anything. You commit a crime, only black Americans will be out picketing to defend the criminals. It’s not something white Americans do, Jewish Americans.

Owens continues, claiming “racially targeted police brutality against black Americans” is a “myth”:

The whole concept of racialized police brutality is a myth. All you have to do is sit down and do basic mathematics to discover the entire narrative we’ve been sold is a lie. It’s a lie. There is no racially targeted police brutality against black Americans. The only thing we’re doing disproportionately in America is committing crimes.

Owens goes further, arguing that racism “doesn’t exist as a problematic thing in this country”:

And we’ll ally ourselves with the far-left antifa thugs, who know exactly what they’re doing. The left think we’re dumb, OK? We have to stop proving them right. 
What do you think this is really about? All they care about is power, all they want to do is destroy your neighborhoods, burn them down, shut down your businesses, and get you on government dependence, at the same time poo-pooing you and telling you they’re going to fight the boogeyman of racism that doesn’t exist as a problematic thing in this country.

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Bottom line: Describing George Floyd as “a horrible human being,” conservative Candace Owens claims “the whole concept of racialized police brutality is a myth” and racism “doesn’t exist as a problematic thing in this country.”

What some folks will do for PROFIT!! Facts, Truth, and Integrity be damned I guess. But America's white nationalists and fascists sure do enjoy manipulating her and paying her for her words.

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