Thursday, April 9, 2020

Covid-19, Politics, Divisiveness, Which is the Most Stressfull?...

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This coronavirus is stressing without a doubt. Being cooped up inside with little ability to maintain ones usual activities and quality of life is, to say the very least, neither emotional or physically healthy. Especially for a 68 year old personal trainer.

Sure, one can read, watch TV, do the dishes, the laundry, take walks, and... watch TV some more. Being unproductive through no fault of your own is demoralizing over time. At least for those who see productive and meaningful activities as the cornerstone of happiness and wellbeing.

On top of the nasty coronavirus and boredom that has started to settle deeply within you also have the political bullshit going on 24/7. Largely cultivated by and driven by one Donald J. Trump. The "man" that is unfortunately the occupant of Our White House . At least until, if not after the next election.

Of course being an essential shut in for the past three and a half weeks here in Massachusetts gives one a lot of time to do a lot of thinking. Thinking that admittedly is not all healthy. Why? Because as time passes, and uncertainty increases, and daily activities are necessarily curtailed, etc. it is easy to allow anxiety and even depression to set it. It's a struggle to remain positive. But remain positive we must.

Adding to the concern, uncertainty, and yes, fear that Covid-19 has caused Americans (as well as  folks all across the globe) is the reality that our democratic republic is, in fact, struggling for its very survival. The lions share of responsibility for this rests with the Tea Party, Donald Trump, and the GOP. However, having said this, the democratic party and the progressives' in particular share a bit of responsibility as well.

Our people do better as a nation when we consider ourselves as one. On our currency is the Latin phrase e pluribus unum, from many one. 

For at least the past fifteen plus yeas this nation has been drifting ever further apart. The increasing divisiveness is being driven by pure political ideology. The unwillingness of our elected officials to work together in meaningful and productive ways to accomplish the greatest good for all citizens of this democratic republic has resulted in the fabric of our nation being stretched almost to the point of tearing. Anyone being totally honest with themselves knw this is so.

So as this writer sees it we have three major problems converged at this point in time. Number one is Covid-19, number 2 is the loss of meaningful work during this time and the wage loss that entails for millions of folks, and number three is the divisiveness being caused by ideological purity on both sides of the political divide.

Now to the meat and purpose for this post. For me at least the threat of catching Covid-19 and possibly dying is not my largest fear. Of course my greatest fear is a member of my family catching the virus and succumbing to it. That is very frightening and always on my mind. However for me the danger lies in the inactivity that  the nasty invisible (to the naked eye) virus has rent. For a 68 year young personal trainer with two badly banged up knees, a badly compromised rib, a possible torn rotator cuff (heavy weight training and over use), and two stents recently inserted in the hearts left front descending artery (the widow maker) physical activity and moderate to intense cardio training is critical to my well being. With everything shut down the opportunity to daily get the necessary physical activity to keep myself healthy and with reduced joint and muscle discomfort (pain) is limited. In other words the overall quality of life right now sucks out loud. And THAT is my greatest fear. With that comes a level of anxiety that I have rarely experienced. No doubt this is likely true for millions of other folks, albeit perhaps for different reasons.

With all that is going on, with all the challenges facing us all, and with the utter dismay over our nations politics and divisiveness the proprietor of this weblog has decided to take a break from blogging. We're taking a break, not exiting the blogosphere for good. Posting will be more spotty and when posts are put up the will be less "edgy". Although the truth will remain the only thing published here when a post does go up. Basically the time to tone down the volume and cut out "noise" is now. And frankly for the foreseeable future. There are far too many rightwing and leftwing weblogs out there pushing division and the us not them ideology. This weblog no longer has any time for that on top of other major concerns facing tis democratic republic.

Thanks for reading and we'll be back when we come back.

Stay Safe, Stay Well... We Will Get Through This Pandemic... As Ever Better Together...


  1. The divisiveness is cruelly illustrated by how the nation addresses the pandemic. We cannot
    agree even on that. At each daily briefing, the president spends most of his time blaming
    others (the buck stops everywhere but here) and heaping accolades on himself. How do you
    compromise with that? That he turned down early offers of help from WHO, Germany and even
    China is "fake news" and that is that. I'll turn 79 later this month. My health is fine,
    according to my annual physical, despite over eating, over drinking and puffing on my pipe
    all day. The pandemic necessities aren't all that hard for me, being sort of socially
    distant by nature. I can nod and not hold my nose when the neighbor goes on about how
    wonderful this administration is and how the communists are after his majesty...but this
    huge split in thinking or not thinking seems insurmountable. THAT I worry about. At this
    time we are a tyranny of the minority, faced with gerrymandering, an obsequious Senate,
    a hand picked judiciary and FoxNews. The country is sick in more ways than one....
    I enjoy your posts and hope you keep at it at a more comfortable pace. Take care.

  2. BB and RN... have you guys seen any interviews with the Lt General of the Army who heads up the Corps of Engineers? That guy is 100% pure gold. He's factual, on point, positive and the perfect example of what a leader in the middle of crisis should be.

    Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite is his name.

    Look him up, watch a couple of clips and you'll see what I mean.

    Those folks in the Washington Clown Car could learn a little from this guy.

    And BB... as an Army guy, you'll swell with pride.

  3. When it comes to Morality, Rules of Conduct, Standards of Etiquette, Standards of Decency –– anything that relates to the ways that people act ( or should act) and I think that most of us agree that when it come to sickness or Death the SAME standards apply.

    In addition I firmly believe that those who REFUSE to conduct themselves in a civil manner, such as the people who come to Lisa's Blog from that Dreaded Progressive Blog SHOULD and MUST be OSTRACIZED and suffer the moral equivalent of being TARRED, FEATHERED, TORTURED, AND DEALT EXCRUCIATING PAIN and RIDDEN out of TOWN on a RAIL

    1. Why TOM, thank you for that very informative PYSHCOLOGICAL PROJECTION. Now. Have a nice day.


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