Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Conservative Group Supprting Joe Biden For President...

WASHINGTON, DC US, April 21, 2020 -Today, The Lincoln Project released a new ad, “READY.” The video illustrates why Vice President Biden can reunite the country in a time of deep division, anger, and fear, and why he’s the right man to take on Donald Trump.

The ad will begin airing in Milwaukee, WI, and Grand Rapids, MI media markets beginning today.

“Vice President Biden has shown he has the temperament and experience to lead our nation in a time of crisis. Donald Trump has left America in a state of danger, despair and economic depression, and the risks are too high to allow him another term,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.
“He has the empathy, compassion and strength to serve. Vice President Biden is the antithesis of everything Donald Trump stands for, and his personal triumphs and tragedies have shaped him into the leader he is today. Joe Biden is the best choice to lead America through our worst crisis in a century.”
The Founders of the Lincoln Project made a powerful case for supporting Biden in the Washington Post. You can read their op-ed here:“We’ve never backed a Democrat for president. But Trump must be defeated.”
The Lincoln Project will work to defeat Donald Trump and Trumpism in November. We are committed to ensuring that Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021.

America is facing a great lack of leadership at the top of the federal government. Donald J. Trump is unquestionably the wrong man for the job he was elected to and he proves it almost daily. And he has been for over three years. The worst man in our history to fill the office of the presidency and a great many influential republicans want him gone come January 2021 as well as democrats and many independents.
Help make this campaign ad go viral. Put it up on your weblog if you have one. Or your  Twitter and Facebook page. Or any other social media you use. Getting rid of the most incompetent and inept man in our federal government must be job 1 in November 2020. If we have a prayer of keeping our republic.


  1. RN... sadly we need to see the last remaining somewhat principled GOP leaders come on board to the Lincoln effort. The folks like Bob Dole, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and then the Generals... Mattis, Kelly and McMaster. They need to be joined by retired GOP politicians... folks like Bill Cohen, the Bushes, and others.

    We need those ppl to call out Trump and publicly say he is bad for America and why.

    Then we need Biden to name his VP, pledge to serve one term and announce his cabinet. Now. And it should be a unity cross party group of leaders.

    Give America a team to vote for. A Bi-Partisan group of leaders dedicated to working together to heal America.

    1. It is always better to be voting FOR something rather than voting against something. One of Biden's vulnerabilities is he doesn't excite folks. He is far from charismatic or inspiring. But he is certainly qualified given his wealth of experiences and most importantly he is a decent human being (something trump is not) and believes in bipartisanship and compromise. He can work effectively reaching across aisles to get the job done.

      With that said Dave your obsevations are very good ideas. The 1 term pledge should ease fears over his age and picking a dynamic qualified moderate women for veep would lock in the women's vote. Naming a full cabinet ahead of election time is unusual but doing so would showcase Biden's organizational expertise seriousness and would allow a glimpse at stability in the future if he is elected.

      I am a little surprised that some of those you mentioned haven't jumped on board with the Lincoln Project efforts. Hopefully they grow a large set and when and if they do hopefully they come out with both barrels blazing. Anyone who truly loves and understands our republic and the founders vision should be coalescing behind Biden. Country is FAR more important than party. FAR MORE IMPORTANT.

  2. I might add the following as potential GOP ppl who could serve in a unity government. Joe Scarborough, your Governor, & Fmr Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval. It's like come on Joe... Go Big or Go Home!

    1. I'd be fine with any if those folk.

      Now that some of red state govs are planning early opening this week and next I anticipate some blow back when cases and deaths spike. In my veiw both the govs and the Dotard will bear full responsibility for the greater death toll. The recomendation for those states to open was mid June. Dotard SAYS he pushed back in disagreement. I hig1hly doubt the pushback from Dotard amounted to much if it even happened.

  3. Trump has lost it. Suggesting that injecting disinfectant into the human body might be an effective treatmebt for Covid-19. Or alcohol, maybe evven bleach might work. And sunlighh or heatlamps as well

    Anyone who has lived 70 plus years ought to KNOW ingesting or injecting cleaning agents into the human body is dangerous as it is poison to human organs.

    The man truly is AN IDIOT.

  4. So now Dotard the Dim is claiming he meant his comment sarcastically. Of coutse this is a lie put out there in an attempt to save face. Anyone watching his briefing (I was) knows his walk back it a lie and that he was being as serious as a heart attack or a hurricane.

    Really though folks it is well past time for Dotard the Dim to be evaluated for possible mental and emotional breakdown. The presnit is becoming more unhinged with each passing week.


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