Sunday, January 19, 2020

Trump, America's Bountiful Liar Extraordinaire!


  1. We were watching the Great GOP Senate Cover Up and I mentioned to the Mrs. The constitutional
    requirement to be president is to be born here, lived here over 14 years and over the age of35.
    She says, "So?" I offered, "I would like to see a bit more stringent requirement to be president
    of the US". "Like what?" Oh, maybe 'must exhibiting a minimal human sanity" She
    guffawed and noted, "But that would eliminate 43% of the voters!" Just than the phone rang. It
    was the Trump Organization seeking donations to help the president fight impeachment. The great
    thing about recorded messages is that your string of profanity goes unheard. (I hope!)

    1. LOL!

      Know what you about the profanity laced response to the robot call from folks like Trump. It's very hard to NOT respond that way.

      Come to think of it telling Dotard exactly what I think of him face to face, profanity laced to be sure, would probably give me great satisfaction.

      I can think of NO GREATER human weasel than Dotard.


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