Sunday, November 10, 2019

Trump, Evangelicals, and the GOP... You Have No Decency and Zero Credibilty



  1. We are likely witnessing one of the latest twists and turns the Christianity has exhibited through the years.
    Early on the fight for dogmatic power led to orthodox suppression of fellow believers who believed somewhat differently
    and eradication of then current pagan religions. The 'mission' to the Saxons was based on the sword-convert or be
    slain. The Holy Crusades killed as many Jews as Saracens and ended in the slaughter of Eastern Orthodox in Constaninopel.
    True believers rejoiced at the horrors of the Inquisition and Catholic Spain slew indigenous Americans by the thousands.
    Will Durant labeled the Dark Ages as the Age of Faith. But Christianity fed the poor, comforted the sick and was a
    beacon of morality at other times ....history does not play favorites. The well known 'power corrupts' is not confined
    to politicians and CEOs. IMO the current RW Evangelical movement is based on power (Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson et al)
    and the strongly held belief that the bible is mostly about sex, abortion, birth control pills and especially about
    telling others how to live. To these people, Trump enables that and so they do not see his immaturity, arrogance and threat to our country. Journalism and academia are The Enemy, facts and logic are The Enemy and they are having their
    way. It will be impossible to sustain.

    1. You are so right BB Idaho. I am currently reading the Silk Roads, a 500 page + book of world history from an eastern centric viewpoint. It is both well written and an easy free flowing read. Written by a Professor (at Oxford believe) it discusses this very subject going back to antiquity.

      A marvelous book that fills in many blanks in western centric history teachings. I highly recommend it.

  2. I get your point Les but in defense of the school, at least they had their rules posted in an online handbook. The guy and his family were just unaware of it.

    1. For me Dave it IS THE POINT that is important.

    2. How a person chooses to wear their hair has NOTHING at ALL to do with "Christian Standards". That is BS created by folks who are only interested in CONTROL. Back in the days of my 6th year Christ himself would likely have been suspended from school for his hair. If pictures of him actually represent his true hair length.

      I simply have little tolerance any more for the pointless hidebound anal BS that authoritarians attempt to force on free people for no reason.

  3. I think if it was a public school, that's one thing. But this family chose, of their own free will, to enroll their kid in the school. I think, as one who has sent my own kid to a private school, that once you sign that dotted line, you accept their rules.

    I may not agree with a Muslim school, but if I send my kid there, he goes by their rules. Same thing if the school says my kid must dress a certain way. Because I can always choose the public option.

    1. You are absolutely correct Dave. The choice the parents have is obey the rules, OR, take their child out of the regressive anal environment.

  4. But... the point on the picture is 100% correct. The evangelical church continues to look stupid, hypocritical and like a clown car during the Trump Admin.

    100%, no argument there...


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