Monday, November 18, 2019

Our President, a Man for the Middle Class... Really?

America's present political system is not exactly the system our founders had in mind. I say this not because the framework itself  is corrupted. Rather the system has been corrupted by the influence of  big money and special interests.

Donald Trump was elected to office with populist support. One of his selling points was that he was behind the middle class and he had their back. And, he did give that middle class tax cut that folks appreciated. But they were set to expire in what, 5 years? Still what's good now is god now. The future is the future.

With Trump having your back middle America he proceeded to sign into law a corporate tax rate reduction to 21%. And he made it PERMANENT.

BTW, do ya'all remember that Trump, who has your back middle America, promised to get rid of the ACA and REPLACE IT with a really good plan? Well, we're still waiting. Right?

Meantime A significant amount of your fellow Americans (and perhaps you as well) remain without good AND affordable health care insurance. But remember, Trump has your back. As American corporations and multi billionaires rake in the really big benefits of lower taxes an expensive total  health care.

More later folks...


  1. He's a man seemingly in it for himself. just as he believes America should be. A country of individuals, individually making it, or not. On their own. Just as supposedly he did...

  2. Yeah. No problem making it by virtue of your hard work, diligence, perseverance, nose to the grindstone, long hours when necessary. and all such stuff. Millions of folks do that EVERY day of their life. Nothing wrong with that and everything right with it.

    But, when the system is rigged to favor the multi-billion dollar corporations and wealthy billionaires something is amiss. Getting rid of Citizens United would be a good start. Actually eliminating lobbyists and the special interest network would be ideal. However I realize that is really never going to happen. That game/sport is so ingrained in the fabric of our body politic it would require a revolution to change it.

  3. Like think about the guys advocating for a flat tax. I think I could support it, with a few ifs. Like if you got an exemption for say, 12K in housing and/or rent payments. And then a deduction for kids. And then it was all income, including carried income, interest, inherited wealth, capital gains, etc.

    At least then you could sell it to poorer folks as making sure the high end guys paid $$$ in the same categories as regular middle class ppl.

    And if it raised more revenue overall so we could pay down the debt.

    But the "fair" or flat taxers will never go for something like that. Cause they'd have to pay.

  4. Interesting Dave. I've always leaned towards a flat tax on incomes over a specified amount, and I get that a flat tax could be unfair to lower income folks. Which is why I agree it would require a few "ifs".

    1) Family incomes below, pick a number, are tax exempt.
    2) Incomes above, the picked number, deductions for children.
    3) Incomes between picked number and 250K - 5 tax brackets with tax increasing progressively to 250K bracket.
    4) All incomes over 250K taxed at flat rate less deductions (children).
    5) Eliminate tax loopholes only the wealthy use.
    6) Increase corporate rate to 30% from current 21%.

    As you say Dave, stuff like the flat, fair, or maybe even the value added will likely never take wings. Too many jobs would evaporate and too many special interest folks would get their noses bent out a joint.


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