Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pelosi Cutting a Deal to Regain the Speakership......

America is changing, so, it I entirely appropriate that members of the House of Representative leadership change with it. With the top three democratic leadership positions being held by individuals 78-79 years of age the "deal" that would seat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House would insure that all three relinquish there leadership positions in 2022.

This is good for the party, and, it will be good for America. Perhaps BOTH parties should adopt a rule that anyone holding any one of the  top three leadership positions  are required to relinquish said position at the end of their congressional term in which they turn 80. There comes a time in business and government when NEW blood is essential. If America hopes to continue its forward progress new blood is a must.

Maybe the presidency should have a maximum age when one can assume the office. When elected by the voters. 72 perhaps?

WASHINGTON — Representative Nancy Pelosi is nearing a deal with dissident Democrats to limit herself to four years as speaker, according to two senior Democratic officials with knowledge of the emerging plan, her most consequential move to date to put down a rebellion in her ranks and clinch the votes she needs to win the gavel in January.

The agreement, which if finalized and adopted would also bind the other three top Democratic leaders, would almost certainly clear the way for Ms. Pelosi, the Democratic leader from California, to reclaim the mantle of first woman to serve in the post that is second in line to the presidency. It would also signal a major shift for Democrats, who despite the striking diversity and demographic shifts within their party, have governed for more than a decade with the same trio at the helm. That trio, Ms. Pelosi, 78, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, 79, and Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, 79, must now prepare to cede power to a new generation, even as they move to take the House majority next month.

Ms. Pelosi handily won an internal vote among Democrats this month to be nominated as speaker, a post she held from 2007 to 2011. But a small group of defectors who have agitated for new leadership at the top of the party have been threatening to withhold their votes when the new Congress convenes Jan. 3 for a formal vote on the House floor. Ms. Pelosi would need a majority of those present and voting in the chamber — as many as 218 — to be elected.

The rebels demanded that Ms. Pelosi either step aside or give a date when she would do so, something she had refused to do, arguing that it would weaken her hand as a bulwark against President Trump.


The agreement would also apply to the other three top Democratic leaders: Mr. Hoyer, who is in line to be the majority leader; Mr. Clyburn, who is set to be the whip; and Representative Ben Ray Luján, the assistant Democratic leader.

Under the agreement being discussed, which was first reported by Politico, the four leaders would be limited to three two-year terms, with the possibility of a fourth if they could garner the support of two-thirds of the Democratic Caucus. Given that Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Hoyer and Mr. Clyburn, all in their 70s, have already served two terms in the top three posts, it would put a hard cap on their tenures, forcing them out of their posts by 2022.

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  1. While I am not a big fan of term limits, I think as age limit is very appropriate....and overdue.

  2. A vote is a term limit. Ms. Pelosi has to win the votes to be leader. If the caucus has enough votes to turn her out, so be it. This changes the way the Constitution sets up leadership in government. If the "rebels" want new leadership, let them come up with the votes. It's about the direction of the Democratic party, not just who can stare down Trump. The Democratic nominee for president in 2020 will have to prove he, or she can stare down and defeat Trump.

    Is the Democratic caucus not willing to vote for what they want, or is this just another minority within the caucus like the Blue Dog Democrats that stopped Obama from getting all he wanted? It's politics as usual. Fighting for the direction of the party, within the party.

    I never liked Harry Ried, Nancy Pelosi, or the direction the Democratic party has taken, but I have to live with the democratic process and votes also.

    Age is just a number. I believe Trump and Sanders are the same age. It's the ideas and policies that make leaders. Some people's abilities slow with age, others still offer exactly what we need in leadership. Should we have said FDR could not be president because he was in a wheel chair? What other limits should we have? It's ideas the revitalize government and a society, not just youth.

  3. After suffering through 8 years of the most obnoxious, undignified, ungrateful, unappreciated, classless, angry, First Lady who spoke with a fake ghetto accent, who seemed to hate her position as First Lady, who said that she “hated living in the White House”, who dressed like she just came off the boat, and who is now famous for saying "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country”, who embarrassed 3/4 of the country by appearing on almost every Late Night TV show doing Jumping Jacks! ... and is now finally gone from my sight.
    And we have a Gorgeous, Intelligent, ,Brilliant, Fashion Icon, and an , Amazingly, Beautiful, First Lady, who appeared on the Sean Hannity show last night, for a rare interview and the Mainstream Media had to gossip about was not what she said about “Toys for Tots, not what she said about he Cohen sentencing, not what she said about her husband the President, and not how she reacted to the questions about the Meda.
    Not even about the fact that made the trip to the USS George H.W. Bush so she could pay a visit to Military Families, as well as Servicemen and Women for the Holidays “ to show them that the President and I and the country, are behind them."

    In fact that the BIG NEWS STORY, the story that the Main stream Media seemed to focus on most was that Melania's highlighted hair was much lighter..

  4. To The Unreal Dave Miller, or TURD... and that's related to Speaker Pelosi how? I mean we know you pasted it at other sites across the net, but do you understand that ppl post topics and want ppl to stay on those topics? Or do you just show up invited at ppls homes and just spew whatever you want all over the carpet? Because that's what yours and others drive by cut and paste posts are.

  5. RN... looks like all is not well in Pelosiland. Steny Hoyer seems to have no desire to be limited by Pelosi as he's long had designs himself on the Speakership. It's tough to limit power.

    1. It's tough to limit power.

      Yes it is Dave. Power and control. 2 things politicians crave most. This is true for politicians in both parties. And, the more power a person wields the greater the likelihood of corruption.

  6. IMO, the Democrats have a broader electorate, hence a wider range of elected officials. To quote the late Will Rogers,
    "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat ..." Would that the GOP beltway bunch was not a lock-step band of Trump-worshippers: perhaps there might even be a meeting of a few minds. Maybe even work on the debt,
    or use the $7 billion for the Wall on much needed infrastructure. Is POTUS really considering Jared as is Chief of Staff?
    Oh my....

  7. BB... he just named Mulvaney as "Acting" COS...

    Not sure how he does that and manages OMB, but we'll see.

    Look, Trump would love to infrastructure, but the GOP is against that. They've cut so much out of the budget, the only way to get that money to do a big bill like that is to raise taxes. The problem, the current GOP, unlike the guys in the Ike days, somehow believe you can build and repair roads while also cutting government revenue.

    Which I guess you could if you're will willing to cut a trillion here or there from defense.

    1. Dave, is there a Deputy Director of the OMB that will be acting director until tRump names a new COS.

  8. Ha... RN, Trump is leaving the position open I think.

    1. I certainly would not be surprised if that be the situation. tRump has become almost SYNONYMOUS with chaos. But that has been the plan all along methinks.


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