Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Retiring Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said Wednesday that he will not vote to confirm the Trump administration's judicial nominees on the Senate floor or advance them in the Senate Judiciary Committee if legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller does not receive a Senate floor vote.


"We have been told that the bill that Sen. Coons and I will move to bring up shortly is not necessary, as there have been no indications that the independence of Mr. Mueller's investigation is in jeopardy. That may have been an arguable position before last week. But it is not arguable anymore."


"The President now has this investigation in his sights, and we all know it,"


"The President has said that he's not going to move on the special counsel. But that's not enough. And perhaps that's what gives comfort to the majority leader. ... But it doesn't give comfort to me."




    1. Shaw is inthe house? Where?

      dOnald tRump IS the predisent. But, he is NOT my president.

      Good Bye...

  2. Replies
    1. Your question speaks to your intelligence. Now, hurry on back to WYD or whatever other rightwing wacko weblogs you swin in.

      Buh Bye...

  3. RN, that troll dumped that stupid comment at my blog. The WYD trolls are really in a bad place. Their hero was blasted from all sides for his unpatriotic behavior while in France -- blowing off a visit to French cemetery where thousands of American military are buried because he was afraid of raindrops, then insulting our ally, France, then Trump being too lazy to visit Arlington National cemetery on Veterans' Day. Can anyone imagine how the trolls and the WYD gang would have reacted had Mr. Obama behave so malignantly toward our military? But not a peep from them except to run around to non-TrumpCultists blogs making fools of themselves.

    Trump now has an approval rating for the job he's done at 38%. Dismal is too good a word to describe that. I believe both Trump and his Cultists know how disliked he is and how badly he was trounced in the mid-tem elections. Georgia and Mississippi are in a dead heat between the Democrat and Republican candidates for office: governor and US Senate, respectively! Those offices are voted on statewide. Trump lost a lot of ground in red, red, red states, and Arizona now has a Democratic US Senator for the first time since the 1970s!

    This is mainly the reason the WYD trolls are running around the blogsphere with their hair on fire.

    And we haven't even heard from Robert Mueller yet.

    "Don't touch that dial!"*

    *old-time teevee warning.

    1. I find myself almost enjoying the antics of the tRumpian cultists at this point Shaw. They are, for the most part, real pieces of work. The kind of work that general makes its way onto the scrap heap. Now I'm know there are some real nice tRumpian cultists that are simply not thinking. The type that follow the crowd because, well, their mama and papa were republicans as well as their grandparents so, by god they are too.

      WYD crowd must be disappointed because Lisa hasn't tossed out the usual red meat for the wolverines of the tRump cult to chew on. But LOBSTER MAN FRANCO has done a remarkably thorough job of inciting the tRump cultists with his hate, red meat, and outright BS. As the beat goes on...

      2020 - Dump tRump and Throw Him To the Dogs

    2. Want to get his base riled up, just say the following:

      They're coming for your guns!
      Nancy Pelosi!
      Raising your Taxes!

      Say any of those and you will have the Trump base saying out of your hands like a hungry dog with a bone.

      It is never about the truth with Donald Dunce and his kowtowing base, it is about fear, warped perceptions and alternate reality

  4. Franco Aragosta

    I strongly urge everyone –– to think and comment more about what you are PRO instead of what you are ANTI.

    I've made my feelings about "RN" abundantly clear, BUT the LESS said about "IT" the better, capiche?

    1. Another copy & paste job.

      At least be original.

      And ya really ought to stop impersonating other blogger. We all know you are not Franco.

  5. Yeah, RN, the "Franco Aragosta" is an impostor. And I'm more than a bit suspicious of "Republican Debunker." I have my reasons.

    Why do the WYDers feel the need to pretend they're non-conservatives or impersonate their own far right bloggers and post on other blogs? Are they as sick as the guy they support? It would appear so.

    Meanwhile, I find it curious that one of WYD's biggest braggarts, Rust, isn't here to tell us all how Trumpistas did so fabulously well in the mid-terms. He's usually all over the place crowing about the Gooper when they win anything . He's nowhere to be seen. Unless, of course, he's imperesonating one of his own kind.

    PS. Orange County, California-- which was known as "Reagan County" years ago, went BLUE. My daughter lives there, so I have an interest in it. I'm astounded by the Dems flipping this deep red area of California.

    I was thinking the other day of how you, RN, have been, through this awful Trumpian era, absolutely true to your conservative principles and not to a cult leader. There are plenty more like you out there, as you well know. I'm shocked that the more thoughtful, articulate conservatives who populate the usual far right blogs haven't the courage to reject Trumpism and the damage it's done to the GOP and America. They (and I think you know who I mean) have bought into a destructive partisan ideology instead of keeping faith with the founding principles of their party.

    1. Thank you for that Shaw. Having spent a lifetime working in production supervision and management I am, and have been my entire adult life, a fiscal conservative who also understands the value as well as necessity for responsible government. I prefer as much individual freedom and liberty as anyone, conservative OR liberal. I also maintain a healthy skepticism (call it distrust) of government when power is vested in any one political party.

      I've witnessed as we all have what power, consolidated in one political party, can result in. It isn't healthy and it can be very dangerous.

      For now I stand solidly against the GOP and tRump. I see hopeful signs in the new democratic party... I'll be watching. Principles and Character do matter. A great deal. Sadly the GOP and conservatives seem to have turned away from BOTH.

  6. I have to laugh when I read Shaw's and your posts. You like Hillary Klintoon blame everyone but your selves.
    PS. I DID see the above post by "Franco" on his own blog.

    1. You are ignorant. And you PROVE it with every post you grunt out.

      Bug Bye...

  7. RN, Is T.R.N. M.L. old enough to be posting on adult blogs? I'm surprised Blogger allows juveniles that privilege.

    1. Obviously not old enough to be posting on any blog. Except the tRumpanzee approved sites.


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